Sunday, September 16, 2007

Today's bird in the hand

I got to hold a red breasted nuthatch today! I wanted to get a picture, but by the time I got my camera from the house the little guy was complaining and wanting to fly away, which was a good sign.

The Hermit had told me there was a bird inside the new house, flying against the upper windows trying to get out. I went to the upper floor with Calvin and Mr. Attitude. Calvin found a dead hummingbird. :( Mr. Attitude found the nuthatch, sitting in front of the window looking exhausted. I cradled it in one hand while I climbed down the ladder.

Red breasted nuthatches are tiny. This bird was barely the width of my hand; with my hand clasped around it, only the front of its head and its long bill stood out.

I don't like finding injured birds, but I'm glad this one was able to recover and fly away so quickly. And holding one is just an amazing thing.


Larry said...

I've enjoyed watching the little Red-nut this week.-They are uncommon in connecticut, but have been moving south due to lack of food in their usual area.-That must have been a nice experience to have the tiny bird in hand.

momadness said...

Good job, Deb. Glad you were able to rescue the poor tired little fella. I bet he felt ever so much better outdoors and I bet you did too!

barefoot gardener said...

How cool! I have held a live bird only once, and the feel of the silky feathers and it's little heart beating away like mad was so incredible.

Thanks for sharing.

RuthieJ said...

I'm glad you were able to rescue the little nuthatch. They are such cute little guys and I would love to be able to hold one just once.

Anonymous said...

I've just read a few of your recent posts, deb. It's been a while since I stopped by, and I am reminded that you tell such good stories. Glad to read that you bought that banjo. Life sounds good there.

robin andrea
(I'm using a computer that I'm not blogger-logged in on, and for the life of me I can't remember my password!)

Lynne said...

Oooh, lucky you Deb! I've always felt it was a priviledge to hold a wild creature in my hand.

pablo said...

I think it was probably the touch of your hand that restored the bird.

Deb said...

Larry- Red-nuts are so cute. I am fortunate to have a lot of them here!

Momadness- I think we found him just in time.

Barefoot Gardener- It is truly an amazing feeling. I liked when he started coming to, and started vocalizing; red breasteds are very demanding in that regard!

RuthieJ- Very cute. My favorite bird, if I had one.

Robin Andrea- Thanks so much for stopping by again! I wish you well in your plans to move...if you haven't already! Good to hear from you!

Lynne- It is one of a few precious times. But, red breasted nuthatches are one of my favorite all time species, so this was a religious moment!

Pablo- I would like to think so. I would like to think I helped, in some small way. Maybe that was the case.

Carolyn H said...


I have found several stunned birds around my cabin, and though I rush them outside and place them in a safe place, I always worry if they will recover. That said, I still can never regret the experience of holding something so tiny and amazing in my hands, even if for just a moment.

Carolyn H.