Monday, September 24, 2007

more Banning photos

Here's the view from underneath a rock ledge, looking upstream into the Kettle River.

When I asked Mr. Attitude what he liked best about this hike, the first thing he thought of was "the trees growing on the rock. How do they do that?"

I don't know. Life is amazing.

And this is my attempt to show you that we were looking down 100 foot steep slopes to the river. Do you see that little bit of silver among the tree branches? That's it. And it made me nervous, with my offspring. :)


arcolaura said...

Isn't it odd, how the camera makes a huge drop look like a mere slope to the shore?

Thunder Dave said...

Beautiful photos!

RuthieJ said...

Great pictures, Deb. I bet it smelled really good there too, didn't it?

Larry said...

I love the scenery-That's a place that I would love to be!

Deb said...

Arcolaura- the photo just don't do it justice!

Thunder Dave- Thanks. It's a beautiful place.

RuthieJ- The smell of freshly fallen leaves and clear air? Yes.

Larry- I can't believe it's fifteen miles away from my house, and I don't visit it more.