Sunday, February 25, 2007

a typical Minnesota morning

Looks like I won't be going anywhere soon.

Finally, after over a month of looking at the same dirty crust of snow, we had some decent snowfall overnight. We got about eight inches; further south the total was a foot or more. Combined with strong east winds, snow piled up in drifts up to 3 feet high. I think it's beautiful, but then again I'm not the one out there clearing our long driveway with the snowblower.

The heavy snow began yesterday afternoon, while we were at the pool for our usual Saturday afternoon swim. We almost had the place to ourselves; others must not have wanted to venture out on the roads. I don't know who had the most fun, the kids and three of their friends or me. It felt so good being in the water; I had a great time splashing around, giving Mr. Attitude piggy back rides across the pool, diving off the board, and just floating in the deep end.

After swimming I had to drop kids off. Two of the friends live just a half mile up the road, but the other one, at whose house Calvin was spending the night, is about ten miles away on gravel roads. By then we had maybe three inches of snow and I had to shift into winter driving mode. Driving on snow-covered roads really isn't that difficult if you just take it slow. The difficult part comes when you encounter other drivers who don't remember to take it slow. Luckily I pretty much had the roads to myself.

So today it looks like I'll be at home. I have plenty of jobs to keep me busy out in the cookshed.


Floridacracker said...

Looks beautiful to me too, but I'm in no danger of having to clear the driveway.

Endment said...

I have been thinking of you and wondering how much show you would get.
It is snowing here but we will not get anything like the covering you are experiencing

Keep warm and dry!

Lynne said...

We got about a foot here I think. Not too bad, but the snow plow left a pile at the bottom of our driveway, 5 feet high and at least 5 feet across the base! @%$#*&?!!

Tracy said...

Wow! The snow we get doesn't even last the afternoon. My kids would love what you're experiencing, so would I probably!

Deb said...

FC- beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not the snowblower operator!

endment- we're doing pretty well here, although there is a "chance of snow" in the forecast every day this week. When it rains, it pours...

lynne- one thing I remember from growing up in the suburbs is that you can never coordinate driveway shoveling with the snowplow's schedule. Oh yeah, I used to deliver the Star Tribune in that stuff.

tracy- I hope to get the kids out cross country skiing this weekend, finally.