Friday, February 02, 2007

Groundhog Day in Minnnesota

First, and this was news to me, we do not have an official groudhog here in Minnesota. The task is taken up, by of all creatures, a porcupine.

Second, the porcupine saw its shadow and was scared, hence six more weeks of winter. Somehow, six weeks does not sound all that bad. But who defines "winter" anyway?

Third, it's way damn cold out and I have a hard time thinking about global warming when it is -15F outside.

Fourth, alcoholic beverages have a wonderful counteracting effect on cabin fever. I would suggest Svedka vodka, not just because of my Swedish heritage. But, enjoy in moderation.

Yeah right.


Tracy said...

Hmmmm . . . I had no idea we had a porcupine. As for 6 more weeks of winter, that's nothing in MN - that's just mid-March. As you know, we'll be in the middle of all the high school tournaments, which means a very high likelihood of many inches/several feet of snow. (Which would be welcome down here in the cities, as we've only gotten a paltry 9" of snow - I hate starting the spring with a snow drought.)

I think - if we don't have a groundhog - that we should be predicting something more realistic for MN. I would think the shadow would be a minimum of 8 weeks left of winter, don't you?

Deb said...

Tracy- I didn't either, but I just read about it in the Duluth newspaper online. I would be very happy if, after just six weeks, winter would go away!