Monday, February 12, 2007

catching up

I'll likely be out of the blogosphere the next few days; I'm attending our biennial statewide fisheries employees meeting. It's kind of nice to see what others are up to around the state, and there is talk of a music jam after hours...nuff said!

I took the day off work today, because Starflower had been running a fever all weekend and still wasn't up to going to school. Well, really, I wasn't feeling all that good myself. Sunday it was so balmy out I practically spent the day outside, first clearing a good amount of snow off the pond, then skating. I kept eyeing the snow I had left behind, but it would have been a lot of work for adding a few feet of width to the already ample skating area. As it turns out, I had already overtaxed my muscles to the point of severe day-after pain. But that wasn't all. While skating, I attempted to execute a two-foot spin, which I've done a zillion times; I'm even working on a one foot version now. But for some inexplicable reason, both my skates suddenly slid out to one side and I ended up crashing to the ice, with the full impact on my left hip. I immediately ascertained that I was okay, nothing broken, but I also knew that there was future pain to be felt. I was right. Amazingly, a lot of it was in my neck; apparently my neck muscles, in order to protect my head, contracted violently. They did the job, but I'm left with the after effects. This would have been nothing twenty years ago!

Dream mandala update: One more sighting last night. But I wonder if all my pondering of the first dream may have reinforced the image enough that it had a greater chance of showing up. I love that ten minutes or so when I'm waking up, trying to make sense of what I've seen internally.

The male pine grosbeak made a brief appearance again today, not nearly as long as I would have liked.

Ever notice how, as the days get longer, the twilight lingers for a longer time as well? When the sun sets on winter solstice, it is dark almost immediately. Now I can go out nearly an hour after sunset and still see a light in the western sky. The thermometer may not agree, but dark winter is losing its grip.


pablo said...

Even twenty years ago I couldn't do a two-foot spin. But I could fall down with ease, so I guess I have that over you.

Lynne said...

"dark winter is losing it's grip"


Ouch- My foot slipped on the ice on Saturday. I didn't even fall but like you said, those muscles contracted and I've been limping ever since. Advil is my friend.

Floridacracker said...

Not sure what a two foot spin actually is, but I'm sorry you are sore.
Have fun at your convention!

Floridacracker said...

Rereading and I realized I forgot to wish Starflower a Get Well Soon and a hope that her fever went away.

Deb said...

pablo- I guess you've got me there.

lynne- Winter sucks. Sometimes. Unless you're able to go out and see some cool birds once in a while! As of Thursday, still on Advil.

FC- It's kinda what those Olympic figure skaters do, except the rotational velocity is much slower and I'm on two feet, not one like they are. Like, I rotate two times and I call it a spin.

Thanks for the good wishes for Starflower. I guess she was feeling bad again last night, but then she felt good enough to go to school today.