Sunday, February 11, 2007

pine grosbeak

Just after breakfast this morning, during which I commented that, while I love chickadees, it would be nice to see something different for a change, this guy showed up.

Male pine grosbeaks have the most lovely rose-red feathers; they are a little bit smaller than a robin. The females are mostly gray with the same wing markings, but their heads are accented with colors that range from greenish yellow to rust, depending on the individual. One female showed up along with the male, but I did not get a good photo of her.

I had not seen pine grosbeaks here for two years. What a treat! The whole family got a look at them. Mr. Attitude exclaimed "It's a red jay!" Good description, even if he had the wrong bird family.

We're having a much needed heat wave today. The temperature never got below zero last night, and it's 10 degrees out! I'm off to clear snow off the pond and go skating later.


Lynne said...

We saw 3 female pine grosbeaks on the bird trip up by Floodwood on Saturday (wish you could have come!). They sure weren't as pretty as your male.

Adele said...

Deb, with this cold weather we have blue and Canada jays along with our chickadees, nuthatches, and a group of finches of some kind.

I hadn't read your blog for a bit so just caught up. Enjoyed it as always. This cold spell has seemed especially nasty. Sorry to hear about your cold feet by the computer. I keep a thick rug under mine or a piece of blue foam. It just helps a lot. The rug may entice a cat or dog to help warm you up also. Ah, NE Minnesota in the wintertime.

Deb said...

lynne- sounds like it was quite a trip! Some years we've had flocks of these grosbeaks hanging around constantly at the feeder; this year they don't seem to stay around.

adele- Thanks for reading, and for commenting! There seems to be an influx of Canada jays this year; I was lucky enough to see one during the Christmas bird count in the town four miles away.

We finally got the plastic over the remaining windows in the porch, and it makes all the difference. No more cold feet!

Cindy said...

love these guys.. we haven't had them here in 3 years now. Beautiful birds, glad you had the opportunity to enjoy them Deb.. and I like the new look on your blog too :)

Deb said...

Cindy- glad you like the new look. :) I have found these birds to be very punctual, arriving, if they do arrive, around 10:15 AM for a short visit. They are beautiful.