Thursday, February 08, 2007

dream mandala

Thanks to arcolaura, I now have a name for the pattern of lights I saw swirling in my dream: mandala. And thanks to Google image search and Photoshop, I was able to create this approximation from a simple spirograph image.

According to various sources on the Internet, seeing this in a dream means I have achieved higher consciousness, that I am one with the universe.

I don't feel that different.


Floridacracker said...

Weren't you unconscious when you attained this higher consciousness?

Jim said...

You were always "one with my universe", but thanks for contributing another layer to my own illegal smile! ;~)

By the way, I haven't been able to find a Bigfoot yet, it should've been out by the end of January, but the two stores here that woould get it haven't seen it yet?

pablo said...

Maybe you're pregnant.?!.

Deb said...

FC- well, yeah...maybe it was a higher unconsciousness?

Jim- As soon as that Bigfoot comes out, I'll be smilin' illegal smiles and seeing spinning mandalas...and that's before I pass to bed. :)

pablo- Now that would be a scary dream. I mean, I love my kids, but 3x is enough!!!

arcolaura said...

On the day the lotus blossoms,
its life-giving root
is still a root.

Deb said...

Thanks Laura, yes there is still a plant and root out there to revisit.