Saturday, December 06, 2008

room reclamation

You don't want to see a "before" picture. Believe me. And I don't know what those mystery circles are on the picture. My camera lens cover does not close any more. Maybe that has something to do with it.

This is the someday master bedroom of the new house. Ever since we have had some semblance of a roof on this place, this room has been the unofficial tool room, cluttered with all kinds of construction debris. That was fine when we didn't actually live in the house, but lately it has been annoying, at least to me. I kept seeing all the junk on the floor, and I think every time I did it jangled my nerves a little bit. Something had to be done, and the time was now.

After I spent half an hour in the quonset quasi garage digging out the Christmas decorations this morning, I decided to tackle the mess head on. By 2:00 or so, I could see the floor, everything was in its place, and it was looking nice! I moved two plastic shelving units out from the cabin, one for tools and stuff and one for clothes. It's amazing how reclaiming a few square yards of floor space can adjust your entire perception of space in the house. I think I might even do yoga in there, since it's too darn cold and windy to even think about running, and we have a couple inches of snow.

Just picture this room with a finished pine floor, some calming color of paint on the walls, and a cozy bed. Maybe next year. Right now I'll settle for a workable drain to our graywater septic tank.

In other news, Stan (Musial) the cardinal is still around, usually showing up early in the morning. I don't think he likes our feeder though; the bottom tray broke off and he doesn't like sitting at one of the perches picking seeds out. I'll have to find some way to replace the bottom tray.

Otherwise, I'm in the December dark days blogging blahs. I still have to figure out how to configure the laptop so I can blog in the new house; otherwise I have to come out to the "office" in the chilly cabin.


Floridacracker said...

I can picture it Deb.

Deb said...

FC- I'm assuming you're talking about the "before" picture, and yes I'm sure you can picture a 10 x 20 (approximate) room with tools and hardware and stuff occupying the whole floor. This is one of those cases where a woman just had to step in!

Adele said...

Looks lovely and isn't it nice that they make those big gray boxes on wheels for the guys toys.

Deb said...

Adele- I almost strained my back moving that guy toy box across the floor, even with wheels! :)

Jayne said...

It's such a sense of accomplishment to get a room cleaned up! Congrats!! Hey, I like the new "stretchyness" Deb! I've notice several people's blogs like this now. Might have to give it a whirl!

elise said...

The "orbs" are not ghosts just dust in the air. I think it may be from the flash reflecting off the dust. I found out about them when we were taking pictures of our new bathroom construction. I thought the camera had broken until I researched it and realized that we needed to let the dust settle before taking the pictures of the construction progress. Or just put up with little UFOs in our pictures.

Deb said...

Jayne- it was a great feeling. Now Starflower and Mr. Attitude have taken over the space, as if they don't have wonderful rooms of their own already!

Elise- Thanks for solving the mystery! But dust? In my house? Who woulda thunk it? ;)