Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cold snap

Our snowfall, which totaled about a foot or so, was glazed over by a light layer of freezing rain, then the temperatures dropped quickly so the high temperature yesterday was below zero. The temperature on my car thermometer read -21 this morning, so our more pessimistic outdoor thermometer was probably closer to -25. I missed driving the kids out to the school bus because, despite the car's warming up for ten minutes, the back doors were still frozen shut.

Despite the cold, the first bird I heard calling from the woods this morning was an American robin!


Pablo said...

Brrr! If we had temps like that down here in Missouri, you can be sure that the schools would be closed regardless of the snow. And to think there's an entire country north of you!

Erica said...

We just hit zero and it feels WARM. Haha. Stay safe up there, that is darn cold.

Jayne said...

Geezzz Louise... we'd be immobile with temps like that! Stay warm Deb!