Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chick pix

It is relatively mild here today, around 30 degrees and cloudy. Of course, mild and cloudy means snow is on the way. We're under a winter storm warning. But I was able to get some outdoor chores done, and we brought the younger kids into town (Calvin was away playing basketball) to see Santa and go for the annual horse drawn wagon ride through town. Yes, the town is so small and quiet that you can take a wagon load of kids around without traffic issues.

One of the chores I did was to put up the suet feeder, finally. We get as much suet as we want from the local farmer who raised the beef that is in our freezer. It's not neatly rendered into little squares, but it is cheap and the chickadees like it. They were on it right away. I hope the woodpeckers hear the word and come around soon.

By the way, in the top picture, that is perhaps the only picture I have ever posted of the cabin we lived in before this summer.


Jayne said...

Now THAT is some suet! :c) Love the mast head Deb. :c) Keep warm!

Lynne said...

Those are beautiful pictures Deb. You make winter look so nice.

Richard said...

With the weather we are getting today, the woodpeckers will find the suet. Frame the picture of the old can see just how far you have come. You'll look back on it and say "I can't believe we all lived it that"

RuthieJ said...

I hope you guys don't get all the snow they're predicting! Sounds like today and tomorrow could be pretty nasty!
Will you 3-toed or black-backed woodpeckers Deb? or are you too far south?

Deb said...

Jayne- The header pic is one of my favorite winter scenes. I think I took it on the winter solstice last year.

Lynne- Thanks! Winter isn't being so nice today...

Richard- So far we have 8-10" of new snow; no woodpeckers yet but chickadees and goldfinches have been busy. Except when the hawk (Cooper's I think; didn't get more than a glimpse) swooped by.

RuthieJ- I have seen black backed woodpeckers here but I don't know if they would come to the feeder. I think two years ago someone saw a three toed during the Christmas bird count.