Thursday, October 09, 2008

Unconnected for a day

Our broadband connection was out at work today. Since I was the only one in the office for most of the day I juggled calls between our Internet provider and our department IT guy. I'm glad the IT guy volunteered to talk to the support staff at the Internet provider, because I really don't know anything about this voodoo. They finally pinpointed the problem to the router(isn't that a woodcrafting tool for making edges and signs?) and hopefully we will have a new one in place tomorrow.

I felt lost. I had projects to work on that did not require connection with the outside world, but being connected has become an integral part of my normal work day when I am in the office. I think back to ten years ago, when dialup was a new thing at the office and most of us weren't on GroupWise. So much has changed. Now I would rather email than make a phone call any day.

But mostly I missed browsing blogs. I don't want to stay out here in the chilly cabin for too long, so I won't catch up tonight. Hopefully I'll be connected some time tomorrow.

And, in other notes, please don't ever buy Shurfine brand Italian sausage. All three of my kids and I independently came up with the conclusion that it tastes like what cow excrement smells like. Really. I was looking forward to a good dinner, and it turned to crap. Most of the sausage got fed to the outside cats, who are hungry enough to not care what the stuff they are eating tastes like. Of course, I'll be calling the store tomorrow. I hate doing that, wish me luck!


Jayne said...

Isn't it funny how dependent we've become to "be connected" on-line? Ugh, the sausage debacle. I'd for sure tell them Deb, as it may have been a bad batch they received and they can pull it from the cooler.

Floridacracker said...

So ... you're saying it smells like a papaya?

Deb said...

Jayne- I have come to depend on the Internet so much at work; if I come up with something I don't know about, I just Google it. And I like being able to keep track of my blog and others during the day.

I haven't called yet, I should find the package which probably is in the garbage can now.

FC- As one who lives above 46 degrees north latitude, I have no idea what you're talking about. But I assume you're not a big fan of papayas.