Thursday, October 02, 2008

the prodigal cat, and other weirdness

Blue Flame is still alive and well. The kids lured him from underneath the cabin a couple of days ago. He had likely not ventured from that spot since he went missing a week and a half ago. He is in the cabin now, about five pounds lighter and I had to cut a massive cat dreadlock from his back. But he is still as sweet and stupid as ever.

There are frost advisories for tonight, but they are all to the south of here. Go figure. I covered up three tomato beds and one pepper/eggplant bed in the vain hopes that they will still produce a viable harvest. I need to give it up already.

I made the mistake of walking by the crabapple trees yesterday, their branches loaded with rosy red fruit, and I started thinking...maybe it's time I did a batch of jelly again. Or that liqueur. So I may be a kitchen warrior this weekend.

And my kitchen may finally get the change of venue in the next couple of weeks. The electrical inspector gave the okey-dokey today, so the first priority is insulating, then completing the outlets, then moving the fridge and workbench countertop and connecting the range and hood, and I'll be cooking in the new house! Right now it's a real pain, the cook shed is many steps away from the house, especially if it's raining. And I hate going off by myself to cook. Then again, going off by myself is nice sometimes. I get to listen to whatever music I want.

I had a huge spike in hits on my Site Meter today, due to a post that almost slipped away unnoticed about ATV's. Apparently it got noticed by someone who posted a link on an ATV group listserv, and I got a couple of comments. I will have more to say in a future post, but I couldn't help but notice what a defensive bunch they are. I never really got the answer I was seeking. Oh well, Dan from Payne Hollow provided some comic relief. Thanks.

Finally, I have gone political, as you can see from my sidebar. I listened to an Obama speech from LaCrosse, Wisconsin yesterday and it was electrifying. He spoke to everything I believe is wrong with this country, and what he would do about it. The best part was when he spoke about education, how he wanted results but didn't want the teachers to teach for the tests. He wants kids to learn art and music too. Amen! And as for the Vote Yes Minnesota, we have the chance to vote on a constitutional amendment that would add a 3/8ths percent sales tax devoted to clean water and outdoor and cultural heritage, with all the proper citizen oversight. How could that be a losing proposition? Those kinds of things just won't get funded otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Take the test at

RuthieJ said...

I saw an ad on TV last nite for the Vote Yes Minnesota amendment.....I hope we can pass that one (I know I'll be voting Yes)

Anonymous said...

Oh Deb. Please remove the "anonymous" post with the link to the Barack Obama survey. It's a hideous piece of misinformed junk. With the shamelessly biased way the questions are worded on that survey, even the most die-hard Democrat would come up in favor of voting for McCain.

I love your blog - I read it every single day, and I hate to see your comments section littered with someone else's garbage.


Jayne said...

Holy cow Deb, I missed all the excitement, but went to the post to catch up. Touchy group, the ATVers. :c) I've personally never been on one, but have taken care of countless people (esp. kids) busted up pretty badly by being thrown off one, so my perspective is skewed too. Glad it didn't get too ugly and that you got a nice SiteMeter boost.

Oh, and GOBAMA! ;c)