Thursday, October 16, 2008

more fall color


Lynne said...

Art and I noticed that the tamarack are really starting to go gold. Along I-35 south of Pine City down to Forest Lake where the oaks get thick was really pretty- all more subdued rusty colors.

How long until the Snow Buntings fly up along those railroad tracks? I'll always remember the flocks of Snow Buntings Ruthie and I saw when we visitied you last winter.

Heidi said...

Beautiful! Views like those make me want to paint.

Deb said...

Lynne- I lived along that stretch of I-35, and I always loved the rich color of the oaks. Now I can see from the freeway that the house I lived in has lost most of its oaks, probably due to oak wilt. If I still lived there, I would have been so sad to see them go.

I have been looking for snow buntings, I think they could show up any time. I saw a flock that was flying like them the other day, but I could not tell if the birds were white.

Heidi- Yes, I always think I could do more justice to these scenes by painting instead of photographing.

Wow, Bruno had more visitors today than I've ever seen. We went and paid our respects to Gene and the family, and had to wait in line over half an hour just to get in the gym. Of course, he would not have liked the crowd. He helped us out when we really needed it, and I'll never forget that.

Jayne said...

How beautiful Deb!

RuthieJ said...

I love how the golden leaves just illuminate everything.