Wednesday, September 17, 2008

sleeping arrangements

It has been an interesting few nights here, since I woke up Sunday morning nearly on the floor. Our king size air mattress had somehow sprung leaks in both sides in the middle of the night. The Hermit went to sleep on the futon; I used up the rest of the air to keep myself afloat until morning. Sunday morning I spent some time trying to locate the problem(s), and sealed up what I thought were all of the holes.

Sunday night = more deflation. First it was just one side (the bed has two air chambers that can be unzipped for twin beds), so I moved around to the good side while the Hermit again went downstairs to the futon. About two hours later, I gradually gained consciousness in the midst of one of my lucid verbal dreams; a state where I have all kinds of prose, poetry, and even song lyrics flying through my head. It's a trip, I tell you. I just wish I could write some of the stuff down. No I don't; I'd just scare myself. Anyway, I was on the floor. Again. I laid there in a stupor for a while, trying to figure things out, then I headed downstairs to give Calvin's new recliner a try. The Hermit had gotten it on Craigslist, along with two twin beds. I could not get the recliner to recline as much as I wanted, so finally we folded out the futon. I finished the full moon night in a fitful sleep full of more dreams, more vivid action (think a cheap action thriller movie), less verbal. Still a trip.

We had every good intention of finally moving our queen mattress over and getting our bed set up, but face it, Monday and Tuesday evenings both of us were pretty wiped out tired. The Hermit slept in Mr. Attitude's bed, I slept on the futon with Mr. Attitude, and even Calvin last night. Talk about a future Oedipus complex...anyway, I decided the futon is good for one night, then the novelty wears off and you realize you are indeed sleeping on about two inches of stuffing that cushions you a little. My back and arms ache. And those stupid dreams...maybe it's the full moon...

So imagine my joy when I arrived home tonight and found our bed, completely set up with mattress, in Mr. Attitude's upstairs bedroom. I will sleep well tonight, hopefully without dreams, or at least with ones that don't leave me waking up in terror or mental confusion.

Moving in is such a trip!


Lynne said...

You had me chuckling here! That bed looks pretty comfy and cozy set up under the windows. You'll be able to watch the stars.

Sweet dreams tonight!

pablo said...

Sweet dreams, princess!

RuthieJ said...

Hooray for a decent bed! It looks good right there by the window!

Deb said...

Lynne- I don't know why we didn't move this bed in right away. It needed a little fixing up, but if felt so good!

Pablo- :)

RuthieJ- Unfortunately that's not its permanent location, unless The Hermit and I can trade rooms with Mr. Attitude. But our room is a long time in the making yet.

nina said...

What a difference a good night's sleep makes.

Sweet dreams.

Deb said...

Nina- funny thing- my daughter's (Starflower's)real name is Nina, so at first I thought this was a comment from her! Nina is such a beautiful name.

Anyway, I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, on my bed!