Friday, September 12, 2008

cosmic rewards

So I haven't been too excited about running lately. Especially during the week when I have to get the kids to the bus, which has thankfully been coming later, about 6:40 instead of 6:32. We are on the far end of a long bus route. Add to that the fact that the days are getting shorter, and in two weeks I will be driving the kids out to the end of the driveway in the dark.

But today after the kids got on the bus, I went for a run. I have to keep reminding myself: Fifteen pounds! And there's more where that came from! Really, otherwise I'm just torturing myself.

Anyway, after I ran to the end of the road and back, 1.2 miles, I got into my car, which was at the end of the driveway on account of bringing the kids out there for the bus. I turned the key, and a very familiar song came on over the stereo. It was Sam Bush's 9 minute live version of "Same Old River", the one that features solos by Bela Fleck and Jerry Douglas. One of my absolute favorite recordings ever. And it was on the radio, not on the CD, which I did happen to have in my car. Sweet! I got in the car just after Jerry Douglas tore it up on a solo and just before Sam Bush proved why he is the King of Newgrass with a huge mandolin solo.

I consider this a musical blessing, a sign that I did the right thing by running this morning.

And, I will be calling in a pledge to this radio station, the only station I can count on to play the music I like!

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Floridacracker said...

We, your cheerleading squad say. "Run Deb, Run" in our best Forest Gump soundtrack voice.

... and yes, I was out having fun.