Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Deb's decision

I decided today that I am not a fisheries biologist. I am a writer.

From my childhood, I have always shown a talent and interest in writing. I was published at age eight, without my permission, when my grandma sent a few of my Haiku poems, which I had scribbled on a tablet, to The Lutheran Digest.

Sunset brings evening
Small stars twinkle in the night
Country rests in peace

In fifth grade, we had a substitute one day. She assigned us to write a poem about fall. Here was my response:

Autumn Song

The wind is the conductor
The fiddles are the leaves
Bright tubas are the wheat heads
Tied in golden sheaves

An oak tree and its leaves above
are one great big bassoon
Pumpkins are the kettle drums
The color of the moon

And in the great big sky above
the great big fields of corn
the moon, it plays its own sweet notes
just like a big French horn

It was the best poem I've ever written. I went on to write A-earning essays in college, though I majored in biology, which required little in the way of writing. If I had it to do over, I would have been an English major. But is it too late to change course?

I think not. I intend to devote every moment of my spare time to becoming the writer and musician I know I am. I have even set a goal of making a career change within five years. My current career, with all of its amenities, does not satisfy my soul. I need to do more than just count fish and plants.

I had one encouraging message that helped me in this decision. Joy, my high school classmate, valedictorian, yearbook editor and sister in law to my best friend in high school, contacted me recently through LinkedIn, a networking site. She said she reads my blog occasionally and thinks I'm an excellent writer. Wow! Thanks Joy, I'm a junkie for stuff like that. :)

So, expect to see more thoughtful writing here in the future. I've lapsed at that, while we've been devoting our energies into house finishing and all.


Lynne said...

GO DEB!! You are an amazing writer- I've thought that since the beginning. Go for it.

cindy said...

Deb, who knew running and loosing 15+ lbs. could be so healthy and liberating? Go!

Jayne said...

Good for you Deb!! I truly think that finding our passion and going in that direction is the path for happiness and fulfillment. Of course you are a writer! Can't wait to keep reading your talented way with words. :c)

pablo said...

I always thought you were a good writer. I think my first comments on your blog were about that very thing.

All you have to do is write now.

Kathie said...

Yay, go you.

Floridacracker said...

Ditto what they all said!

dharma bum said...

Yeah Deb! You've been one of my favorite bloggers for years now. You've got good things to say and a good way of saying it. Go for it!

Deb said...

Thanks for all of the encouragement! I feel great about this; I've actually made a decision to make a change, and indecision is one of my major weak points. ("What do you want for dinner?" "I dunno, what do you feel like?") I even have a written goal and plans for achieving it.

Cindy, you make a great point. Becoming more physically fit and cultivating a greatly improved self image have been very liberating.

RuthieJ said...

Way to go Deb! That's a good goal to have. Life's too short to spend in a job that you don't like--especially considering how many hours you spend there. (I left Mayo almost 9 years ago after 20+ years and never looked back--if I can do it you can too!)