Friday, September 26, 2008

Life is sweet. And sad. And lovely. And uneasy.

Tonight was the kind of warm September evening you just want to sit out on the steps with a beer and watch the light change in the tops of the pine trees.

I am sad for the loss of a kitten, and sadder that I perhaps could have prevented it. And perplexed that, while we have a multitude of cats and kittens here, I suddenly don't want them, at least most of them. A few have won their way into my heart. Whiter Biter is on my lap right now, impairing my blogging process with his kisses.

I wanted to go to a concert tonight, to see one of my favorite bands, Vasen (imagine two little dots above the "a", I don't know how to make them), all the way from Sweden. But I just could not make that long drive to the city for a couple hours of music. So maybe I'll make my own music in a little while.

I won't be watching the Presidential debate tonight. There are more upbeat things to watch (Twins vs. Royals, although after last night I'm not sure if I'm ready for another whole game!), and anyway I've decided in my heart which candidate I think holds more hope for a troubled nation, so I would be watching maliciously, looking for every fault in the other candidate. And perhaps I don't want to watch because I can't stand the idea that the future of our nation is at stake, and sometimes I just want to dissociate myself from civilization.

But then, as I was driving to work, I found a flock of ravens and two young eagles that took my breath away with their flight. I am beholden to them, for making me realize there is joy in spite of everything else.

So there I am. Hopefully there will be much house blogging this weekend. Have a great one, everyone.


Robert V. Sobczak said...

That looks like good country Deb, ... and no doubt rapidly getting cold. Soon enough that road will be covered with snow, right.

Your right about the debate: But I did listened to it on the radio.

Question: you wouldn't happen to have a photo of the headwater lake for the Mississippi would you? That's in Minnesota I think.

Jayne said...

Sorry about the kitty Deb. :c(
Hope the weekend is filled with all things joyful in the new house.

Anonymous said...

dharma bums have a similar post to this one up. Serendipity? Look outside to stay grounded, right? Dirt under the nails is great therapy.

Floridacracker said...

Very sorry for your kitten loss Deb.
Good cat Whiter for trying to cheer Deb up.

Deb said...

Robert- welcome! It was actually very warm yesterday, with a high around 80. But today I don't know if we hit 60.

Yes, the headwaters is at Lake Itasca. I don't happen to have any pictures, since it's about 200 miles away from here. I did live up that way once, about 30 miles away from Itasca State Park. Nice country, with lots of lakes.

Thingfish- I don't recall if I saw their post before or after I posted, but there is definitely a similar vibe. I got my hands in the dirt today digging potatoes, and it felt good.

FC- I am typing with one hand right now, and it's not my dominant one, because WB is curled up on my lap with his head on my left hand. I think he will be the new house kitty now.

Lynne said...

Sorry about the kitten Deb. Glad WB is moving in. He seems to be sensing your ache.