Friday, February 22, 2008

welcome to Wii

The Hermit finally scored a Wii today. We had been looking for one since before Christmas, but they have been scarcely and unpredictably available. Today he happened to go to Sam's Club at just the right time, when they had gotten a small shipment (about 3 of them) in. He grabbed one and never looked back.

He met the kids out at the end of the driveway where the school bus dropped them off, and he had the box in the back seat. "You'll need to move that box over", he told Calvin. Calvin took one look and his jaw dropped. He squealed in delight and even kissed his dad. Starflower and Mr. Attitude did likewise.

So what's so special about a Wii? Well for one thing, their GameCube wasn't working, and we were through with them. Very unreliable. And, from what I've seen, the Wii games are very physical, not just a couch potato thing. And, sorry, this family just is not into board games. I never was as a child, so I don't have a base of enthusiasm about playing Sorry that I can pass onto my kids. But I see them laughing and encouraging each other as they play the basic sports games that came with the Wii. It looks so much fun I might try it myself.

I used to be a semi Luddite. Now I think some technology is good. :)

However, I think I had my moment when I pulled into my parking space at home. A small flock of birds flew over the new house and settled in an ash tree. They didn't quite look like pine grosbeaks, although they were the same size. I had my binoculars handy, for once, and I was able to confirm a flock of Bohemian waxwings! Woo-hoo! I wonder what they found to feed on nearby; there are crabapple trees across the creek, but I thought the remains had been stripped a long time ago.


Island Rambles Blog said...

Yes everyone is getting addicted to Wii, glad you found some Bohemian Waxwings...we have the Cedar Waxwings here.

Deb said...

Island Rambles- I had to check twice to make sure they weren't Cedars, which we have around here in the summer. I saw one's rusty rump, and I knew they were Bohemian.

Lynne said...

Mama Mia, Mama Mia! Bohemian Waxwings!

(Queen's Bohemian Rhapsodie...get it?
Never mind...)

You'd better get Deb's B,B&B up and running!

We have a Wii and it really is alot of fun.

Deb said...

Lynne- Thanks for making me laugh! I always picture a flock of Bohemian waxwings as listening to classical music and poetry, discussing politics, wearing funny hats...

Glad your family likes the Wii. It is quite attractive. I admit I like video games better than most television offerings, any day.

pablo said...

Even my son in medical school seems to think he needs a Wii. (I've told him otherwise. He already had a girlfriend and, well, medical school to deal with.) My nephew was here last summer for a brief visit and played with our Wii. The very first thing his parents had to do when they got home was go out and buy him a Wii. (This boy is leaving for college next year!)
I realize the Wii games are more physical, but I've read that they don't really provide much of a work out. Mostly that's just marketing on the part of the manufacturer.

Deb said...

Pablo- I can't imagine doing medical school and a Wii at the same time. Not that I've been to medical school, but not that I haven't dreamed about it.

And, I would not compare the Wii workout to anything recommended for fitness. But, it's all relative.

Floridacracker said...

You do feel like a hero when you score one, that's for sure.
I think we have a WII ... I know I hear beeping and stuff coming from Junior's cave.
He's into the guitar hero WII thing these days.

Deb said...

FC- So it seems I'm the last one to have a Wii! Calvin and The Hermit went to Wally World today to spend Christmas gift cards on more games. I don't suppose they have a piano practice and a saxophone practice game yet? My kids will have to go real time. :)

RuthieJ said...

I heard IBM had a big part in the Wii technology--they had some sort of celebration when it finally hit the stores (no, I wasn't invited!)
But I'm with you Deb, Bohemian Waxwings would excite me much more! Glad you got to see them.

Deb said...

RuthieJ- It was exciting. So exciting that I yelled out loud, and then The Hermit came out wondering who I was talking to. I told him the truth: the waxwings.