Sunday, February 17, 2008

bird bloggers rendezvous at Sand Creek

Ha ha Lynne and Ruth, I get to post first!!!

Last week I got an email from Lynne of Hasty Brook. She and Ruth (the Nature Knitter) were going to the Sax Zim Bog Festival of Birds this weekend and she wanted to know if maybe they could stop by here on the way back! In record time I replied, typing out directions to here from the freeway.

This morning I flew around the house, picking things up and wishing I had vacuumed yesterday. Oh well, I thought, they practically know this place inside and out already, they won't mind a little mess! I got the call from Lynne, saying they had just exited the freeway, which meant they were about fifteen minutes away. More frantic preparations. Then I heard the geese, and then the dogs. They were here! I came outside to see Ruth and Lynne saying hi to Togo the husky.

Moonlight the kitty quickly made friends with Lynne. Sally the Labrador, not to be outdone, cuddled up to Ruth. In fact, Sally did her best to make herself the center of attention throughout the entire visit.

Starflower and Mr. Attitude hid in the bedroom and made their entrance hidden under comforters from Starflower's bed. They were their usual, so NOT shy selves as they made the visitors feel at home.

We chatted a bit indoors, then I took Lynne and Ruth for a tour of the new house. Sally invited herself along, and was a bit of a distraction as I tried to explain what each part of the house was going to be. I took her outside twice before she figured out she could just push her way into the house. She's two years old now. Just HOW MUCH LONGER before she gets out of her lab childhood?

Anyway, Ruth and Lynne were both amazed by the natural views in every direction, the numerous windows, and the open design of the new house. Which makes me all the more anxious to move in! I even showed them the phoebe's nest on a beam in the master bedroom. I was just so happy to be showing off my house in real life, instead of just on the blog!

When we got back to the cabin, the pine grosbeaks were at the feeder, so Lynne and Ruth got their cameras out and took a few photos. They will probably turn out better than anything I have taken all year!
Left to right: Togo, Deb, Lynne, Ruth (thanks Starflower for the photo!)

The time went way too fast, and all too soon they had to be back on the road. I wish we had had more time just to chat over a cup of tea. Maybe that will happen in the future. Anyway, Lynne and Ruth, thanks for taking the detour off the freeway and stopping by here! I really enjoyed your visit! Sally did too, and she says come back soon. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Deb for posting the pictures of you and your guests plus animals. I so hoped they would make it there to see you and the family. Ruthie called me a couple of times for weather updates down in our area, they weren't good. We were in a winter storm warning, for snow and high winds, up to 35 mph, enuf already. Hope you all had a nice visit, and you got to see each other in person instead of a picture on a blog.
Nature Knitter's Mom [Betty K]

RuthieJ said...

Hi Deb,
Thanks for letting us stop by to meet you and the kids, dogs, & bunnies. We had a great time.

Floridacracker said...

What a fun post! I can sooo picture the kids under the comforters. Too funny.
It's neat that you got to get together with some birdy bloggers!

I'm catching up so happy anniversary!

Deb said...

Betty K- It was a pleasure meeting your daughter Ruthie!

RuthieJ- Any time! It was so nice to meet you.

FC- With my kids you never know what's going to happen...but they are sweet. Thanks for the anniversary wishes.

Larry said...

I enjoyed reading the posts about this festival on your blogs.-I think I'd travel to go to a festival that good!

Deb said...

Larry- I hope you make it to Minnesota next year! I plan to be there for the festival next time. But you would be welcome to stay at my "birding bed and breakfast", which is what our current living quarters may become. :)