Friday, February 15, 2008

happy sweet sixteen

It's pretty low key, as far as wedding anniversaries go. I had checked out the Duluth music calendar for the weekend, hoping there would be an intimate coffeehouse style concert we could attend, but no such luck. We'll probably take the kids to Duluth tomorrow afternoon for a meal out and some lake views.

But, no fair! I didn't get him anything (well yet), but he got me a Valentine present yesterday, two pairs of pajama pants. Much better than a dozen roses! And today he was coming back from some business and he was going through my old college town. He stopped in at the bookstore and bought me a new hooded sweatshirt from my alma mater! How sweet! Especially since my old sweatshirts were going on twenty years old and full of holes. I'm wearing the sweatshirt and jammie pants now.

I love you, Hermit. I'm glad there's someone out there who understands, or at least lives with, my strange ways.


Peg Leg Pirate said...

Congrats! And wishes for many more!


Lynne said...

Happy Anniversary to the both of you! I think your gifts were more thoughtful than flowers. Ruthie and I will be in Duluth tomorrow afternoon with our field trip- watch for two school busses full of bird geeks with bins!

pablo said...

Happy Anniversary. You must have married right out of high school.
I gave Libby an iPod Nano for Valentine's Day, but it won't work on her operating system (expensive upgrade needed) so we took it back to the Apple store last night. Very romantic.

denise said...

Happy Anniversary! Every year I feel more and more fortunate to have married such a wonderful man. It seems as if you, also, were blessed. Many more years to you both!

Deb said...

Peg leg/Dagney- Thanks! :)

My clan will be invading your town on Tuesday, for the funeral of my great aunt Ellie, who was 97 years old. She and my grandma grew up just east of town.

Lynne- Thank you. Flowers wither and die, but jammie pants and sweatshirts provide warmth and comfort for years!

We didn't make it to Duluth today, well except The Hermit made a trip to Menards. I was on a cleaning binge in my kitchen and didn't want to break the momentum. :)

Pablo- It's the thought that counts, right?

Denise- Thank you. I am blessed.

Heidi said...

Happy anniversary! I'm all about low key... it's all good if you get to be with your honey. :-)