Wednesday, June 13, 2007

let's call it a garden

I'm finally finished planting.

Well, not really. When you consider succession crops such as lettuce, and fall-planted crops like garlic, one is never quite finished planting. But I'm talking main season stuff, tomatoes and beans and peppers. There is a limited window of opportunity for planting these here, between the last spring frost and when it's too late to get a harvest before the first fall frost. I have yet to determine when exactly that is, but I know I'm on the late end of things even though we had overnight lows in the 30's a week ago.

For those of you who are curious: The four big square boxes on the left are potatoes, planted late April or early May. Another small box just to the top of the left potato boxes is the starting point for various winter squashes. I'll let them sprawl all over the grass when they get that big.

Left to right, top row: tomatoes; broccoli and cauliflower with one pumpkin plant, which will sprawl out of the bed; pickling cucumbers; summer squash; bush beans; bush beans; bush beans.

Middle row: tomatoes; garlic; garlic; sugar snap peas and Swiss chard; pole beans and Chinese asparagus beans; peppers and Diva (slicing) cucumbers; tomatoes.

Bottom row: tomatoes; tomatoes; onions; onions; greens; greens; and carrots (not visible).

At the right center is my blueberry bed, coming back after being grazed by rabbits this winter. Bottom center is a rock garden with various flowers, and I might plant basil in the as-yet unplanted part. So I guess I'm not done yet.

This is the view from the east loft window of the new house. By fall it will be looking out someone's bedroom window.


~Jennifer said...

I admire you gardeners so much! It's something I always dream of doing but never get around to,or in the past I've managed to get things planted, but then I neglect them. Maybe I need to start really small. What would be a good thing to start with? An herb garden, maybe?

momadness said...

Fantastic garden! I did a bit more this year than last and hope to do a bit more next year than this year. But it cannot even compare to yours. How wonderful!

Lynne said...

Chinese asparagus beans? Sounds really good but what are they?
I envy your garden too. That view from someone's bedroom window is beautiful.

RuthieJ said...

Deb, those are great looking gardens. How do you keep the munching critters out? (I don't detect any fences). How big is your backyard? Does it go all the way to those trees near the top of the picture? It looks so nice!

barefoot gardener said...

Beautiful, Fabulous, Marvelous, Gorgeous! I love the grass growing in between the beds. It looks so pretty. You should be very proud, that looks so good. Now I am inspired to do all raised beds next year.

LauraHinNJ said...

Looks beautiful, but where's the fence to keep the deer (or would it be moose) out?


Deb said...

~jennifer- You could start out with container gardening. Just grow one tomato plant, or any herbs you like (I like fresh basil so much more than what you can buy in the store!) in a bucket or plant container on the patio. It's worth it, believe me!

momadness- I started out small, and have added on every year.

Lynne- Asparagus beans, which supposedly grow pods a foot long or more, are my experiment of the year. Those seed catalogs have some kind of mind control built into them!

RuthieJ- I'm living on faith here. So far the critters have ignored my garden, but it's only a matter of time...

Our property extends to the edge of trees on the far side. In between is a wetland consisting of small shrubs. Great habitat for sedge wrens and such, it's a nice back yard.

barefoot gardener- Someone's got to mow all that grass! The raised beds are nice in our very rocky soil, and I think they would work well on the sand plain where I guess you are.

LauraHinNJ- Deer here, moose would be very rare. They have not touched my garden yet, although I can't be so naive as to think they will not. I may be fencing now that I have everything planted.

Floridacracker said...

I was wondering about deer also, but bloooooger would not let me post previously.

Deb said...

FC- I'm still wondering about them. The deer and I had an understanding, but then I think they heard how much I enjoyed the venison a friend shot for us last year. So it's a shaky relationship.