Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A June evening

First, the daily lupine, from a different angle. It looks like it's growing wild in a patch of grass, but really, it's a garden, ringed with field stones dug up nearby. I just haven't gotten around to weeding yet this year. So much else to do!

The chickens were enjoying the evening sun. We're down to just a few of them, some mink or raccoon has been picking them off one by one, but we're getting chicks in July. After I clean out and do some work in the chicken coop, of course.

Oh, the evening light on the pond. The sky looks washed out, when actually it was a brilliant blue.

I had to walk down to the pond with the kids for some frog catching and wading. The little green frogs were amazingly cooperative; this is Mr. Attitude's 5 year old hand, just to get an idea of relative size.

Starflower proved to be the frog magnet, however.

We were soon joined by a large, semi-aquatic mammal, so we tried to release the frogs in safe areas in the weeds. Sally needs a good swim once in a while.

I love our pond, I love having a place to relax, where the kids can be kids and catch frogs, where dogs can be dogs, and where the sky and pines meet in one glorious reflection.


Floridacracker said...

Why ... that pond water is not solid!

Could this really be Minnesotarctica? June sounds good in MN. I think it was a pond post that captured me on my first visit here among the white pines. Been coming back ever since.

Oh to be a frog magnet ...

Deb said...

FC- yes, there's not ice, for at least three months out of the year!

I am glad you decided to keep coming back. Your comments are part of what makes blogging so fun! It's realizing there are folks in other parts of the country, or the world, who appreciate the same things. Doesn't hurt that I have St. Augustine/Colee Cove roots either. :)

Lynne said...

You sure get alot of life and family time form your pond. Does the water stay that clear all summer?

Deb said...

Lynne- Yes, it's beautifully clear water, and COLD too!

barefoot gardener said...

I love the photos! This morning was beautiful like that. The sky so blue it looked like you could see into it forever. You are so lucky to have such beautiful scenery!

RuthieJ said...

What a pretty pond and I love those little froggies! Do they sing for you too?

Deb said...

barefoot gardener- I love skies like that. Today is like a 180 degree change. :(

RuthieJ- Their song has been described as "a loose banjo string being plucked". They are the latest singers and, as far as I know, haven't begun singing yet.

Some of these little frogs still had little stubs of tails. Probably some of the tadpoles we saw earlier in the spring.

greg said...

Lovely, just lovely. I love the evening light of the northern sun in June.

Cathy said...

Beautiful country. Beautiful pictures. The late sun on Sally's face - precious.

That last paragraph is poetry.