Monday, June 04, 2007

the daily lupine, 6/04

If you didn't have a chance to see the comments on the last post, I have decided to try to post a daily photo of this lupine in bloom. And, since this plant seems so vigorous, I plan to keep seeds from it. Lupine seeds are pretty easy to harvest, if you get them just before the seed pods twist themselves and hurl them everywhere. So, if you would like some seeds from this plant, drop me an email at: flutemandolin AT gmail DOT com. I'd be more than happy to share.


Lynne said...

email's on the way!

Deb said...

Lynne- Maybe you could plant them at Hasty Brook! But I don't know any reason they would not grow where you live. Will send seeds. :)

Cathy said...

Beauty and generosity. What a lovely mix and what a great idea! I'll be checking in to watch the blooming.

greg said...

Beautiful flowers and a beautiful idea. Reminds me of Richard Brautigan's "Please Plant this Book" for some reason.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Deb,
Do you think they will grow in clay soil in SE MN? I have a large wildflower patch and it would be nice to have some of these beautiful blue lupines blooming there.

Deb said...

cathy and greg- Thanks. I had never heard of Brautigan before; thanks for the link!

RuthieJ- Only one way to find out! :) This is a garden cultivar, so it might tolerate a wider range of soils than the wild lupine.

I have been really amazed at the response to this post; I have received a couple emails from people who read my blog but never comment. It just blows my mind to think somehow, through my erratic writings here, I have touched others' lives. Thank you for reading! :)