Monday, January 01, 2007

A white New Year

Finally!! Snow!!

New Year's Eve started with heavy rain, a dark and dreary day. Then around noon, the rain started changing to snow. Soon big, fluffy flakes were falling, instantly transforming the landscape into a wintery world.

We didn't have any plans to go out reveling anywhere, but if we had they would have been cancelled by slippery roads. Just as well, I had been battling a nasty cold and didn't feel much like partying. Mr. Attitude and Starflower made their own outdoor fun.
The snow should mean increased activity at the bird feeder. Which is good, because I'll probably be sitting inside watching the feeder most of the day, drinking green tea and trying to get rid of this cold.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Deb and Co! Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the winterness.
75 and humid here today... argghhh.

Anonymous said...

Nice snow! I envy it, all we have is the river flooding us agian....

as it has been for the most of 2006.

I'm going to have to have floating gardens I think lol!

Anonymous said...

Is that a chickadee flying in to your feeder? I love those sction shots with spread wings. We didn't get snow until after you yesterday but it sure was beautiful when it got here.

Pam in Tucson said...

Happy, happy New Year, Deb! Get well soon so you can enjoy the beautiful white winter. Thanks for sharing it.

PJ said...

Happy New Year to you, too!
I always enjoy your pictures. Love your little cabin and your snow pictures! I may not comment all the time, but I've enjoyed readying your blog over this past year! Thanks!

GTR said...

Yay! Your snow-at-midnight wish very nearly came true! The roads were not that bad, and I'm glad that the remains of our snowman is still hanging on. That rain was disturbing!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Deb said...

madcap- Thanks, and Happy New Year to your clan!

FC- Sounds more like mid summer!

ggg- better build yourself a houseboat! At least you don't need to worry about watering floating gardens.

lynne- Those chickadees are in motion constantly; I liked how that photo turned out.

pm in tucson- Thanks for the well wishes, I am feeling a bit better but still am taking a sick day from work to rest up. Besides, I don't think my coworkers want to hear me coughing and snorting all day! :)

pj- Happy New Year, and thanks for reading! Glad you enjoy it.

gtr- Yeah, all that rain was just depressing. This is the prettiest snow I've seen in a long time!

Dan Trabue said...

Happy New Year, Deb.

Say, did you ever get recorded a version of that Walmart song? Just curious (not looking to add to the work list of a recuperating busy momma...)

Crizette said...

Nice pictures you always have in your blog especially the ones in this article. Such a perfect capture of the tree and the last picture, a birdhouse.

Happy New Year to you and your family!