Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I missed it!

How could I let my second blogoversary just slip by unnoticed? (It was Sunday the 21st). Guess this makes me an old timer now.

I also had my 35,000th visitor yesterday. Didn't check who it was, but judging by the Site Meter it was probably someone Googling "calvin and hobbes decapitated snowmen" or "snowball launcher" or something like that. Seems to be a lot of that going around lately.

I also missed a dog-o-versary. According to my calculations, Sally's first birthday was the 22nd. I could look up the paperwork to find out the actual date, if I knew where it was in my precise filing system. So a belated happy birthday, Sally. You can stop being a puppy now. You can stop chewing everything and start spending more of your time lazily curled up in front of the woodstove. You can tell that younger orange-spotty Hopi thing that you're an adult now and you're way too mature and sophisticated to engage in her puppy games. Okay Sally? Good girl.

Our Internet service was down Monday night, and amazingly I made it through the evening without visiting blogs. Tuesday morning, bright and early, Mr. Attitude wanted to get on the computer to "check my 'Bay". He's probably the youngest eBay fan I know of, but he's only bid on--and won--something once. Luckily it wasn't too expensive. ;) Anyway, I told Mr. Attitude the Internet still wasn't working, and he went into a fit of withdrawal. I went out to the cook shed to get my lunch ready, and when I came back he was sitting at the computer, happily watching Cartoon "I fixed it, Mom!" he said. I congratulated him, although I had a nagging suspicion, later confirmed, that the problem was at our local server 20 miles away, and when they showed up for work in the morning they rebooted or said some magic chant and all was well. But I'll just let Mr. Attitude think he did it. :)


bev said...

Happy blogoversary and dog-o-versary, Deb. I was just looking at your house pictures and it looks like it's coming along great. As for the logging, sorry you had to go through that. I would hate it. Bad enough that the land across the way from us was all turned into sod fields a dozen or so years ago. All the fencerows were torn up to make wide open fields for the huge machinery to whip over. All of these environmental eyesores become symbols for the greater destruction that is taking place around the world. Those who love nature can't help but feel sad - and angry - at the sight of it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, happy 2nd!

Nice to have a computer repairman in the house, huh? Maybe Mr. Attitude could come do something about my disk drive... My kids get pretty jittery when the connection's gone, too, but they're not e-baying yet - thank goodness!

Anonymous said...

Happy second Deb! Glad you gave credit to your Mr. Attitude for fixing the computer. It won't be long until he IS fixing it!

Tracy said...

Happy anniversary!

Dan Trabue said...


Liz said...

Happy blog- and dog-day. So that means I've "known" you for at least a year. Where does the time go? ;)

the dharma bum said...

happy -versaries Deb!

Anonymous said...

Good dog Sally!

Good boy Mr. Attitude!

Happy Blogoversary from the land down under ... under Georgia that is.

Deb said...

Bev- I think sod fields just might win out over clearcut aspen for ugliness and degradation. I know of one place where conversion of the surrounding land to sod fields ruined a pretty good trout stream.

madcap- Yes, it's nice to have our kids take care of the technical stuff for us. And, the longer you can keep them shielded from eBay, the better. I have The Hermit to thank for introducing my kids!

lynne- The cool part is, when he got on the Internet, the sound wasn't working. Then he remembered the mute button on the keyboard, which frequently gets stepped on by cats. He knew just which one of the cryptically symboled buttons to push. So, he did at least fix the sound. :)

Tracy and Dan (and all the above) Thanks! And Dan, you get the credit for being my first regular commenter.

liz- I know, it seems like just yesterday I first visited Pocket Farm! Which reminds me, once we get moved into the new house, I intend to take up knitting. Maybe even spinning. I'll be looking to you for advice!

dharma bum- Thanks! And is that your workplace I see all over the front pages touting their major expansion? It's huge to begin with! I can see why you need to get away fishing on the weekends.

FC- Anything south of Iowa is "down under" to me. :)

the dharma bum said...

yeah. wish i could tell you how proud i am to be part of megacorp getting their mega-tax break to become even more... mega. :)