Saturday, January 13, 2007

more window views

This view will be lookin' out Mr. Attitude's window. He can check the garden for deer at night!

If you look closely, you can see the beveled edges set into the inside layers of the glass. This is a fairly new offering in the world of windows, and being the fashion-conscious people we are, (Ha!) we wanted to have the current "look". Seriously, when The Hermit found that these were available as an option at Menards, we thought they somehow looked so much better than clear windows, or windows with blocky "panes" built in. They are somewhat reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright's "Prairie" style. Anyway, we liked 'em, and they only cost a few bucks more, and my dad was very generous before Christmas, so this is what we got.

Here is how you will first see the house when you come to visit. (You are planning a visit, aren't you?) The house is pretty much oriented east-west on the long side. The entry door faces west. Just to the left, the master bedroom, unless we can convince one of the kids to give up a loft bedroom!

This is inside, looking over the construction mess from east to west. On the left is an entryway that will have a substantial closet, as well as its own window, yet for energy saving purposes in winter it will be separated by a door from the main part of the house. On the far right, the master bedroom. On top, a very nicely sized loft bedroom for a very lucky child. In the foreground, our great room, the center of which will be the wood stove.

And here at last is the lowly north side of the house. Because cold winds tend to come from the north and west in winter, we wanted to minimize the north window exposure. The left window is the bathroom (with hot shower and bath, pablo) but composting toilet (it's wonderful to build where there are no strict codes!) The right window is a utility room, which will probably have washer and dryer (Yes! No more trips to the laundromat!) and freezer and shelves for my canned goods. This side of the house has a good 100 feet of yard that could be smoothed out before it meets up with a beautiful tamarack woods, which should host some amazing birds for the feeders I will have here.

I am so looking forward to moving in THIS SPRING!!!


Anonymous said...

I can see why the loft rooms are at a premium. Lovely.

PJ said...

This is SO neat to see the progress of your house! I love the glass and your views. I'm going to have to look up about what is a 'compost toilet' vs. septic tank..I'm curious about the 'grey water' -sinks & showers.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! (Nice window detail...)

pablo said...

Nice looking set up already. But let the kids have the loft. Let them climb the stairs at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful place already! I too love the windows

Anonymous said...

A loft bedroom has to be kid heaven. No way they're giving that up !
This is pretty darn exciting...have you had a sleep over yet?
Heck, I know it's cold, but take your sleeping bags.

Deb said...

arcolaura- Thinking back on my own little room I had when I was growing up, one of those rooms would seem like the ultimate in luxury!

PJ- The compost toilet is basically a five gallon bucket with a nice looking cover, and each "deposit" must be covered with a handful of sawdust or wood shavings. The contents of the bucket are added to a larger compost pile and voila! fertilizer. We have installed a greywater system that is basically a small septic tank with perforated pipe in sewer rock for a drainfield. It's better than what our neighbors across the road have for all their wastewater!

sue- those bevels should make some neat rainbow colors inside!

pablo- you had to remind me I'm not getting any younger, didn't you! But, good point.

katie- thanks! It's been long in the making.

FC- Are you kidding? Predicted low temps around zero tonight, and -16 tomorrow! I may be crazy, but not that crazy. :)

LauraHinNJ said...

It's looking great, Deb.

Placing your feedeers outside the laundry room window is a good plan - ought to make all that folding much more interesting.

Anonymous said...


The windows are beautiful and I love the beveled details...

...and all those big south-facing windows will let in so much light too.

In fact the whole house is coming together nicely now, and that day is rapidly approaching day when you guys will actually move into your real home.

I'm looking forward to the day myself.

Anonymous said...

LOVE those beveled windows- they're really beautiful! When's the house warming! I'll bring jello and hot-dish! (ya-sure, you becha!)

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Love those bevels!

Can you "taste" it?