Friday, November 10, 2006

house under wraps

If we haven't started putting up the metal roofing by Christmas, I think at least we could decorate by putting a big red bow on top.

The workers finished putting up the rest of the ceiling boards this morning. I had the day off (Veterans Day holiday) so all morning I listened to the sounds of hammers and power tools. Then, for protection, they covered up the roof with two large tarps. Now, for the first time since the floor was first built, when it rains or snows, the inside will stay relatively dry.

This is looking from the east loft to the west (right side to left in the first photo), with our driveway in the background. The crew will be back in a week or so to close in the ends. Then, the house will be pretty much enclosed! It will finally look like...a house. Then, all I want for Christmas is windows and doors. And insulation. And metal roofing. And a wood stove. And plumbing. And wiring...

As you can tell by the photos, it's been a mostly sunny day, although very cold. I don't know if it's gotten above 25 outside. The evening grosbeaks are back already! I saw a small flock in the tops of the pines, although they did not come to the feeder. I think they were just scouting out the area for now. I also saw a female cardinal, a rare sight for here.


Tracy said...

The house looks great!

It's interesting, we have no evening grosbeaks down here in the Cities, and lots of cardinals. There is definitely a dividing line between north and even more north right through Minnesota.

Pamela said...

I was just thinking about Evening Grosbeaks. Last year at this time we had them visiting the yard--no sign of them yet this year.

Your house looks great. I hope you get your Christmas wishes!

Deb said...

Tracy- I first saw evening grosbeaks in northern Chisago county, at my grandparents' place on Rush Lake. I saw a few at my feeder when I lived in Stacy, but I'm guessing that's as far south as they get. But the cardinals, it's interesting because I see a few of them in Hinckley, where I work, but at my place near Bruno they are very rare; I think we're on the edge of their range. I did hear of one sighted recently in Ely, though.

I wonder if cardinals (and evening grosbeaks) don't follow the Zone 3/4 transition. I have lived on both sides. Here I think we have a micro Zone 2. :(

pamela- this is the earliest I can remember seeing grosbeaks here. Thanks, and I'm wishing hard too!

Anonymous said...

I'm wishing you a red metal roof, not a red bow, for Christmas. Or any colour at all, really.

Anonymous said...

you know i saw a copper colored metal roof when driving through the mountains the other day. it was pretty also. Love toe wood and beams in that roof. Are you guys going to leave that uncovered and just put a finish on it?

Anonymous said...

I like the look of the roof from the inside too. Will it be a loft area? It's really very pretty.

Floridacracker said...

Not above 25?

I was out in the Gulf today in a shorty wetsuit and a tshirt.

House is loooookin' gooooood!

Deb said...

madcap- we're thinking blue right now, but the steel isn't bought yet so that could change.

dragonfly- If only we could afford copper, it would make for a lovely weathered look.

Yes, we're going to leave the boards natural color, just put a sealer coat on it.

lynne- There is a loft on each end, with a walkway along the north long side, and the middle is open from the first floor to the roof. The middle will be a combination kitchen/dining room/ living room with the wood stove right in the center of the house. The lofts are Calvin and Starflower's bedrooms. Lucky kids. Well, they've earned it.

FC- You just have to keep rubbing it in, don't you! I'm planning my visit for some time mid January. ;)