Saturday, November 04, 2006


This is, from the left, my stepson Tom (22), Mr. Attitude (almost 5), and Calvin, 9.

Tom is engaged, which means I will have a step daughter in law in 2008. She is really sweet, has been to enough family functions that I know her well, so that is good. Interesting that the youngest of my stepkids is the first to get committed...also have a stepdaugher 24 and stepson 27.

They are having a great time tonight playing video games. Tom was out on the deer stand all day but didn't see anything. The Hermit was out a good part of the day with him.

I hope they get at least one deer. There were a few nibbling at the garden in the summer.


Anonymous said...

It's great that all three of your boys can kick around together. It sure looks like they're having fun. Congratulations on the 2008 increase!

Floridacracker said...

They look like they're cozy and having fun. Probably feels good to be warm after a day deer hunting.

pablo said...

You call him Mr. Attitude, eh? Can't imagine why.

Deb said...

madcap- they sure were having fun, and it all happens again next weekend! Thanks on the congrats!

FC- They all had a cozy fun evening after a long day of deer hunting, although the weather was pretty mild--in the forties, calm, and partly sunny.

Pablo- that photo is a classic depiction of the three individual personalities...easygoing, wild, and intense.

I wonder how soon it will be before a teacher requests Ritalin. :(