Friday, October 13, 2006

weary Friday night

I just spent an evening doing what I do not normally do, watching a DVD movie with the kids. Normally I don't have the patience to sit thru a whole movie, but with the weather, snow flurries and high winds and all that, and me having to do chores in that after working all day, because The Hermit has had a work obligation all this last week that has kept him away from here, and this morning I was going to drop S and C off at school and there was a bomb threat so I had to bring them to where the buses were waiting behind the school, then listen to the radio for updates...of course it turned out to be a hoax but you never know, and I think the school handled it well.

Anyway, it's been a stressful day, and I hate wind and cold, especially in mid October! and The Hermit called, he should be home tomorrow early afternoon. So I polled the kids, they thought Tombstone pepperoni pizza was okay for dinner, who was I to complain. After dinner I put on...The Big Lebowski. Consensus of two out of three kids, and I was in the mood. Cuss words be damned, the kids can read the whole story better than I can.

Sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes the bar eats you.

I'm just trying to break even tonight. It gets cold, and quiet, and sometimes I wake up praying it stays just cold and quiet.

I could not do this alone, for any length of time.


Anonymous said...

Funny, I was just thinking the same thing. Must be a weary Friday all-round. I've been cooking and washing all day, and it's 9:45 and I'm waiting for the milk to cool so I can add culture and get the yoghurt going for tomorrow, and it's just cooking and eating and washing and cooking and eating and washing all the livelong day and how the HELL do single parents do it all? I guess they don't. I guess I don't either. Not enough hours, not enough ... whatever it is I don't have enough of tonight.

Well, here's hoping your Hermit's back soon and sound, and that the kids sleep thru and you too. See you tomorrow.

And I'm surely glad that bomb-threat was a hoax. Jeepers Louise! At least I didn't have that kind of stress to deal with today!

pablo said...

My kids have all grown into fine young adults having eaten many Tombstone pizzas for dinner over the years. Sounds like it was a good, family-togetherness weekend to me.

Pam in Tucson said...

How I can relate - many's the time I've waited with kids for O.P. to come home. And yes I admire single moms - my older daughter is one, juggling career, parenting and getting ahead in life. Glad the bomb threat was a hoax, but sad that someone perpetrated such a thing. Sounds like a cozy evening - pizza, movie, snuggling up against the cold after a very harrowing day. Glad The Hermit's coming home today - wishing you a lovely and peaceful weekend.

Floridacracker said...

You sound exhausted, but I'm picturing you and the kids eating pizza, snuggled up, watching a favorite movie.
I bet the end result was a pleasant evening.

Glad you are all back together tomorrow.

Deb said...

madcap- it all does add up, sometimes I think it's just because I work outside the home, but with what you say I realize no one ever truly "catches up"!

pablo- Tombstone pizza is one of my last untouched junk food fortresses. I do pretty well everywhere else, but frozen pizza to me is one of the perfect foods.

Pam- glad you know where I'm coming from. The movie night was very relaxing.

FC- Yes, I was exhausted, and the evening helped a lot. But still, sometimes out in the country you get this uneasy feeling...I feel better with the handgun we got recently.