Monday, October 23, 2006

The Larch, up close

Yesterday afternoon I remembered that I had promised someone closeups of tamarack needles. It was a good excuse to go exploring, but I only had to walk a few yards beyond my compost bin to find this tamarack that, unlike most of the others, had a very showy branch close to the ground.

I was only going to use one picture, but I think they both turned out well for being shot at 1/60 at F4. It was a bit cloudy at the time.

So I won't have to make a separate post, I'll say here that Calvin, Starflower and I saw both an immature and a mature bald eagle this morning on the way to work/school, both strategically positioned in trees near a road killed deer. Is this commute cool or what?


Floridacracker said...

Thanks! I can picture the whole tree better now!
Cool commute!

Endment said...

Nice shots!

I share your joy in rural living
There is nothing more delightful than "comuting" through woods and meadows...

clairesgarden said...

nice pictures, autumn colours are amazing. love the dog blog picture, sure you dont begrudge the poor things a wee blanket now and again, or the whole bed even?

Deb said...

FC- you're welcome.

endment- it sure makes the driving worthwhile!

clairesgarden- That poor spoiled Sally on the left takes up more than her share of our bed every night! :)