Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Deb's diet secrets--revealed

Remember on Friday I posted about how my jeans were suddenly fitting more loosely?

Simple explanation: They were a pair of The Hermit's jeans, which look very similar; I had mixed ours up sorting the laundry.

Which also explains why my jeans felt tighter Monday morning. At least now I know I didn't suddenly gain a few pounds over the weekend.

I think I'll just wear his pants from now on!

Oh well. I'm enjoying a laugh at my own expense. :)


Floridacracker said...

Too funny. Of course you may be on to the next hot diet trend.
Start planning your late night infomercial script now.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! That's my kind of diet!

e4 said...

Heh... that made me laugh. You should write a best-selling diet book and trot out a line of videos or something!

vicki said...

This is funny. And consider yourself lucky- think of all the "Jack Sprat's wives" in America who could never get into their husbands jeans!

I LOVE a good Larch. You're too young to remember but I have to confess that I was first exposed to The Larch in a Monty Python skit by that name- I still laugh out loud to think of it and if you ever happen across it...but the Larch is a beautifully shaped and delicate tree- and curious in it's deciduous habit.

Anonymous said...

It's the his-n-hers diet!

Thanks for the generous laugh...

Deb said...

FC- if nothing else, it made me feel good for a while! That in itself could be sold, maybe.

lynne- Yeah, I just wish the results were more permanent!

e4- Lose inches overnight! That line in itself should sell a million copies or so.

vicki- I have sworn I could never be married to a man whose waist (or butt) was smaller than mine.

I have heard of The Larch episode but have not seen it yet. Our local public TV station runs old Monty Python shows every Saturday night at 11; maybe they'll show it some time.

Laura- Apparently the change in my demeanor was so great, he offered to buy me a size larger of all my jeans and switch tags with the old ones...

Ah, what a great thing, to be able to laugh at one's self. But in the meantime, I'm putting in a call to my doctor. The lab said my thyroid was normal, new evidence and guidelines say it isn't.