Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday evening peanut ride

1991 Ford F150. Hot Sunday afternoon, after obligatory pond swim. Truck ride mandatory. Peanuts and cold beverages available.

We passed the "local" bison herd. Cool to see these prairie animals being raised six miles away.

Our next stop was the old Danforth school and chapel, on a scenic oak hill. This was a traditional one room schoolhouse until about the 1960's. We go to church at the new chapel building downhill from here once in a while. They still maintain the playground.

It is said that a certain motherly figure even got in on the action. Calvin was anxiously checking the swingset structure for stability. But I can swing higher than anyone!

All in all, a great evening. :)

By the way, this morning we got an additional 1.4 inches of rain, to bring the total to 2 inches over the weekend! Awesome! The pond was noticeably higher, and cooler; I think as the water table goes lower, less groundwater seeps in.


madcapmum said...

Yup, you were definitely having more fun than those other three short ones!

Floridacracker said...

Neat! What a great summer day!

Deb said...

madcap- that has got to be the best swing set in the world. But the kids were having more fun than their faces show in the truck photo.

FC- We usually try to do a few truck rides each summer. I suppose it's highly illegal, but there's so little traffic around here it's safe.

fernmountain said...

I love your blog!

When I read your comment about the rain not seeping in I wanted to ask if you have considered installing a rain garden or two on your property.

I googled 'rain garden' yesterday and learned a lot about them. They seem simply to install, and they filter runoff, allowing for water seepage into the water table. They also attract a ton of wildlife.

I will be posting on Rain gardens soon on my garden blog