Thursday, July 13, 2006

movies that make me bawl like a baby

Field of Dreams

I just watched this with the kids tonight. I totally lost it, especially the scene where Archie Graham has to choose between being a baseball player in eternity and saving the girl's life. And where Ray says "Hey Dad! Wanna play some catch?"

Why? I've seen this a few times! I was already in love with Kevin Costner from Dances with Wolves, but it wasn't him. Really. Just something about the story, the cinematography, really got to me.

Okay, my eyes are still damp. This is crazy.


Reel Fanatic said...

As a certified dude, I'm not allowed to admit that any movies make me cry, but you're right .. there is just something magical about "Field of Dreams."

clairesgarden said...

its a great movie, I really like it. I was jsut reading your post about air-cooling, it mus tbe a better thing to have it incorporated into the design of the buildind rather than run power off to cool it down, fortunatleu dont ever really have that problem here!

MojoMan said...

My kids still give me a hard time about the time they saw my eyes well up when I saw that scene about having a catch for the umpteenth time. It gets me every time.