Tuesday, July 25, 2006

reading material

I took some lovely pictures last night and this morning, but I have what is looking like a very long meeting to attend today and won't be able to get them posted until later. In the meantime, for a good read, check out James Howard Kunstler's latest essay, The Twilight of Lumpenleisure. It's a bit long, but it eloquently and poignantly describes the apex and decline of suburbia and middle class affluence in America. He especially takes on gasoline-powered forms of recreation that I have serious issues with. And, stay with it to the end, the last paragraph offers a twist, a glimpse of hope, a world that I would love to see for my children.

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the dharma bum said...

deb - thanks for the link... i started reading the essay and then decided just to print it out and read it at my leisure at home. i'm looking forward to it.