Monday, July 24, 2006

Anyone have a G-mail invite?

My Care2 e-mail account is on the fritz again, for the second time in a month. Their service is virtually inaccessible, and I'm getting tired of all the feel-good "click to make a difference!" promos on the home page. So I'm shopping around for a new free e-mail account. We had one through our Internet provider, but it kind of got lost and I don't know how to resurrect it. I haven't heard many good things about Hotmail, and I just don't know about Yahoo...So does anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking at Gmail, and tried to get an invitation code thru my cell phone, but either they haven't responded or I don't have good enough reception out here to receive text messages. I tried climbing up to the second floor of the new house, phone in hand! So if you have a spare invitation code...well, now here's the quandary. My regular personal e-mail is not working, and I don't want to hand out my work e-mail on this site. So if you have one, maybe leave a comment and email address (you can write it cryptically, like soandso AT freemail DOT com) and I'll give you my work e-mail so you can send the code to me there. Sound like a plan?

UPDATE- Never mind, all taken care of. The funny thing is, I got a message on my Care2 account, which was apparently up and running again, with a direct link to a page set up to create an account, no code necessary. Hmmm...Well, Google does = Blogger. They must have textbots looking for what I posted.


e4 said...
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Roger Bourland said...

Firefox/Thunderbird is splendid!


pablo said...

I could send you a Gmail invite as well, if you want to establish a back up. I've found that when I'm traveling, I can open and read my regular email, but I generally can't send through that box until I'm back on home ground. I keep a gmail account for this very reason.

Deb said...

Thanks pablo (and e4) but it's a done deal already!

Roger- I hadn't heard about Thunderbird, but I do like Firefox. (why does this sound like I'm discussing cheap wine?)