Monday, April 03, 2006


We have an abundance of rocks in most of our soil here. I say most of the soil because we have two very different soil types on our 40 acres. Out by the road the soil is sand and gravel, evidence of perhaps a much larger Sand Creek during the melting of the last glaciers. However, as you come up the driveway near the chicken yard, the soil composition abruptly becomes different: darker, a bit more clay, and boulders, ranging from fist size to several feet in diameter.

The most abundant rock is a pinkish sandstone, which also makes up the bedrock in this area. There is also a greenish rock that I don't know the name of; it is a dense, fine grained rock. Occasionally there is granite or gneiss, or basalt with various inclusions.

The soil is so rocky that I have given up using the rototiller and instead opted for raised garden beds. But there are many potential uses for the rocks: flower bed edges, walkways, walls, terraces, perhaps even a garden shed or greenhouse in the future. Some of the bigger ones could be strategically placed in Sand Creek to enhance fish habitat. Most of the pile above is reserved for facing the half wall that will be built behind the wood stove; the rock will provide thermal mass, helping to moderate temperature and store heat. It's nice to be able to use some locally available, free building materials in the house.


pablo said...

Ship some of those rocks to the FloridaCracker. He's always lamenting a lack of rocks down there in . . . uh . . . Florida, I think.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

That's very cool that you'll be able to use your rocks in your house. I love beauty and functionality together. It's going to look great.

dragonfly183 said...

we have similar sandstone here. Kinda pinkish looking and it turns grey and burgandy when exposed to the weather for long periods. I'm told the weathere type issought after by builders. The kind we have been digging up is rusty in color.

clairesgarden said...

I am always diggin up stones, I bag them and my builder friend takes them away to use for things, never ending supply!!