Tuesday, April 25, 2006

potato amnesia

Okay. Something in me told me that I had, in fact, purchased seed potatoes online. I remembered selecting the varieties, even telling The Hermit about what I had ordered.

It hasn't come through yet.

I began to doubt myself. Had I, in a drunken stupor (and I won't say that does not happen once in a while!) merely imagined myself clicking and ordering potatoes, or did I in fact place an order which somehow got lost in cyberspace? I don't know. I checked my online debit card record, which is usually a traumatic experience for me, and I found no record of a debit being posted for potatoes. A day later, I went back in my email and found, to my relief, a confirmation email stating that I had indeed placed an order for several varieties, from Moose Tubers, an associate of Fedco Seeds, from whom I received seeds promptly. I emailed them about the status of my order. I certainly hope to hear from them soon. Potato planting time is here.


Floridacracker said...

Moose Tubers...sounds like a whitewater rafting company.

madcapmum said...

Moose Tubers...sounds like a whitewater rafting company.


I've been doing the same thing all the time, lately. And I can't even blame it on B.U.I.!

doubleknot said...

Hope you get your potatoes soon.
I have been lost in cyberspace also with orders. I don't usually buy on ebay but they had a crochet hook that I couldn't find anywhere. One crochet hook - it took me an hour to sign up for heavens knows what all before I got to the ordering part. Then the waiting and waiting and waiting. The emails - yes I did get a confirmation email - yes I was charged for it - where was it? The vender at last tracked down my order - lost in cyberspace and sent the hook to me.