Sunday, April 09, 2006

farmers' market is coming to town

The Hermit was talking to a neighbor couple yesterday afternoon, in usual style; they were out for a walk and he was on his way back from some errands in the pickup truck, so a fifteen minute conversation ensued in the middle of the road, with no passing traffic during that time.

Anyway, they said that the local Audubon center is taking the lead in organizing a farmers market in town this year. This is good news, since the nearest thing that can resemble a farmers market around here is about an hours' drive away. I think this community needs a farmers market for several reasons: 1) to promote and provide locally grown produce and handcrafted products; 2) to help shift the economy to a more local one and encourage more local agriculture; and 3) to add an opportunity for the re-creation of a sense of community.

It's a given in my mind that I want to participate, as a grower. Being a startup market, I'm sure I can probably get in without too much commitment, but there is enough lead time now that I can plan my planting to include some marketable stuff as well as produce for the family. I want to provide some unique items, beyond the usual cucumbers and green beans and big zucchini I'm sure will show up on tables. I'm thinking salad mix, heirloom tomatoes, small, gourmet-size zucchini, maybe some basil and other herbs.

As if I don't have a lot on my plate already! But this is something I have wanted to see locally for so long, I can't let the opportunity slip by; I need to be a part of it.


Floridacracker said...

Hey that's exciting. We have one about 40 miles away and each year I have toyed with the idea, but am not a market gardener yet. Good luck with your plans!

madcapmum said...

I have a friend who's planning to grow herbs in her little wee greenhouse to sell as bedding plants at her local farmer's market. Another idea?

Pam in Tucson said...

That's so neat, deb. I wish you great success as well as lots of fun. We have several farmer's markets in or near Tucson. I try to get to one at least once a week. The produce from them tastes completely different from what we buy in the grocery stores. I bought a melon one Sunday morning from an elderly white-bearded farmer. He told me that it would be a magical tasting experience for us because he had picked it at 3 o'clock that morning by the light of the full moon. It was.

pablo said...

And think of the blogging possibilities!

doubleknot said...

Good luck - I hope the market gets going soon.