Saturday, April 01, 2006

new growth, and new fridge

I can barely remember planting daffodil bulbs last fall, but here they are!

And, I must really be getting old. Getting a new refrigerator excites me. :)

Our old fridge, which we bought used for $29, was sounding like it was in the throes of a tormenting death, and the freezer, well, didn't freeze in most places, except for the mound of frost in the middle. So we took the plunge and bought a new one, not from the big box store sixty miles away but from a local mercantile that happens to carry appliances. Nothing fancy, although Starflower and Mr. Attitude were both disappointed that it did not have a water/ice dispenser in front. Fred can tell you a thing or two about how Mr. Attitude likes ice dispensers. :)

It is pictured above in its new place in my cook shed, next to the shelf that will, in a few weeks, be full of new seedlings. I got two seed orders in the mail today, from Baker Creek and Territorial. I gotta love the way Baker Creek does business; they were out of two of the varieties I ordered, so for a refund they stapled three dollar bills to my invoice. I so want to travel to one of the two shows they have annually at their headquarters in Missouri.

The real thrill of the day, new fridge and all, came as we were unloading it from the back of the pickup truck. Just then a flock of about fifty tundra swans flew directly overhead. It absolutely does not get any better than that!


Susan Gets Native said...

I have been surfing blogs, jumping from one to the other...not sure which blog brought me here, maybe Laura's (Somewhere in NJ)?
I know what you mean about feeling old when a new appliance excites you. Some women long for diamonds...I dream about a new vacuum.
And swans at the same moment? Priceless!
Enjoyed your blog!

Endment said...

you hit several meaningful topics today... I have been thinking about refrigerators - looked at some in the store Friday and then had many thoughts about inflation and cardiac arrest :)
Wonderful to have a new refrigerator but those tundra swans ... now that is bliss

doubleknot said...

It was years ago when I got my only new refrigerator - that grew to a new stove and a new washer and dryer - I was just tired of using others broken down stuff. But all that is gone now and I am right back to renting and using used washer and dryer and a refrigerator that I have to clean the water from the bottom every other day and the landlord keeps saying he will get fixed. But you know what - I am happy.
Enjoy your new refrigerator and remember the swans - maybe they were bestowing their blessings upon you.

pablo said...

Congratulations on the refrigerator and the swans. While I could probably be relied on to recognize the former, I'd probably look at the latter and say "Canada geese!"

Floridacracker said...

I can imagine a new fridge, but not a flock of wild swans. I've only seen them in domestic or zoo settings.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

A flock of 50 swans: That is heavenly. Enjoy your new refrigerator, it is a thrill to buy a new one. We've done that only once so far! And, I'm with you on the Baker Seed Company refund policy. I like a company that does business like that.

Deb said...

susan- thanks for stopping by!

endment- I thought about how odd it was, incorporating refrigerators and swans into one post.

doubleknot- I was so proud when I got my first new refrigerator, and stove, and washer and dryer, and then we left it all behind for a while. I still don't have a washer and dryer...wait, I take that back, I have a wringer washer and a clothesline, but haven't used them all winter.

pablo- no Minnesota goose hunting license for you! Seriously, if you heard them flying overhead you'd instantly know the difference; geese honk, while tundra swans have a haunting "Woo-woo-woo" call.

FC- They really are a treat to see. We used to live near a wildlife management area with a big wetland complex, and this time of year I'd ride my bike out there just to see the swans lounging on what was left of the ice, then they would suddenly take off in a flurry of white wings...awesome. I had not seen wild swans before that.

RD- Yes, Baker Creek is a great company, that was so much more personal than just getting a credit on my card. Probably saved them some time too. I forgot to mention, I received a complementary packet of Brandywine tomato seeds just for placing an order. Brandywines are my favorite!

Jim said...

It's nice to have a new fridge and be gald there's no ice dispenser, it's often the first doo-dad that breaks on a fridge.

I sure would like to have seen those tundra swans, then we could've gone in and celebrated the day with a Bigfoot, or we could've whipped up a batch of margaritas and dipped the glasses in that margarita salt there on your shelf. I recognized it because I have a container just like it. ;~)

Deb said...

Jim, you are so perceptive. That was left over from my birthday. We still have two Bigfoots in the cooler, though. ;) The appearance of the tundra swans is certainly something to be celebrated. Just like the woodcock who, despite cold drizzle, persists in doing his display here.

And the ice dispenser thing...well, on New Years Eve, which we celebrated with my partner in musical crime Fred, Mr. Attitude made a whole lot of ice to be dispensed on the floor. ;)