Wednesday, October 28, 2009

wordless wednesday: trumpeters

North Big Pine Lake, Minnesota


Anonymous said...

No words needed. Thanks for sharing...
Kathy in Maine

Floridacracker said...

Hard to imagine those flying around wild.

RuthieJ said...

Oh pretty! I just read an article in the local paper today saying the waterfowl were just starting to show up on the Mississippi flyway in this area -- including some swans.

Deb said...

Kathy- They made my day.

FC- Yeah, they are HUGE! So huge, I caught a glimpse of them while driving by at about 50 mph, in an area where the view from the road was partially blocked by lakeshore cabins. I turned around and found an unoccupied cabin, pulled into the driveway, and got the photos. Oh yes, I was driving a work truck with a load of walleye fingerlings! :)

RuthieJ- Just saw another flock of swans on Mille Lacs Lake just south of the casino. The Hermit tells me there is another flock on a nearby lake. I may have to investigate tomorrow. It is so cool to see trumpeter swans, knowing their near extirpation and comeback here in Minnesota!

The swan on the right has some kind of identification collar; you can see it if you enlarge the photo.