Saturday, October 10, 2009

Minnesota fall colors

I am so not ready for white. And if the behavior of the juvenile members of this household today is any indication, we're in for a LONG winter indoors. Sigh.

I did see some amazing sights today on my way home from some errands in town: a flock of 50+ ravens and one bald eagle (must have been some great road kill!), and a couple large flocks of sandhill cranes resting in a marsh and a pasture.

This snow has completely sucked out whatever motivation I had to do things today. I'm even thinking a nap sounds good right about now.


Pablo said...

Naps are good in any season!

cherylhotton said...

This is a beautiful picture Deb , love the first snow fall . Here in Northern New Brunswick, Canada we had a few flurries but no actual ground coverge yet . We are celebrating our Thanksgiving this weekend !

Deb said...

Pablo- Usually when I take a nap I wake up disoriented and more cranky. But yesterday was good.

Cheryl- Happy Thanksgiving!

Floridacracker said...

Snow already? OMG!

Seems like you were just joyously greeting spring!

robin andrea said...

Just stopped by to catch up and read what you've been up to in late summer, early fall (and early winter!). I've been reading Facebook updates about the distinctive chill in the air in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Hard to figure out what the weather is doing these days, we just hunker down and play it by ear! Hope you're all staying warm and dry.

Cindy said...

Deb, you mentioned on Lynne's blog you are hearing owls every night. What kind? I've been using my ipod to call Saw-whets but have'nt heard any yet. I know they are migrating now.

Lené Gary said...

I am feeling the very same pang. We woke to snow too. BTW... how did the tomatillo cooking go?

Deb said...

FC-it seems that way to me too.

Robin- Amazing how many blog posts and Facebook updates have been weather related these days. I hope you and Roger enjoy your first fall in the Sierras.

Cindy- Great horned and barred owls. I saw a great horned owl yesterday being mobbed by crows. I hadn't seen one of them in ages. I'll have to keep an ear open for saw whets. There are bald eagles everywhere too; I must have seen three or four of them today!

Lene- I ended up with five pints of salsa...yummm! Next year I'll grow more and try some different recipes. If the June or July or August frost doesn't get them, they are so easy to grow!