Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A philosophical discussion with Mr. Attitude

Reposted from Facebook, for all you technophobes out there who think dial phones are still the standard of communication. ;) I still believe there is room for both Blogger and Facebook. Obviously the proprietor of The Ethereal Garage doesn't think so. Too bad for everyone. ;)

Son#2: Mom, what is real?

Me, getting philosophical: The present moment. The past is memory, the future is uncertain.

Son#2: So if I hit you in the head, a moment later it wouldn't be real?

Me: resolving to never have philosophical discussions with a kid whom even his piano teacher calls "Mr. Attitude." :)


Island Rider said...

Does Mr. Attitutde have a twin brother perhaps seperated by birth but a decade earlier? This discussion sounds very similar to some I have had with my own "Mr. Attitude." If it is any encouragement, he did live to be eighteen, graduate from High School and is now at Fire Academy which I would have seen coming with all the bonfires and fireworks he lit over the years. You'll laugh even even more about these moments when he's grown and you are not in the thick of it. I promise.

Beth said...

Hee, hee...don't you just hate it when your kids set you up like that? Sounds like Mr. Attitude is a very bright little fellow. I'm sure you never have a dull moment with him! :-)

I love your pictures of the Sandhill Cranes---so very beautiful. I've never seen so many together like that---you are blessed!

Thanks for stopping by my blog--I've enjoyed my visit to yours very much.

Pablo said...

But is he right, technically?

You're doing something right, Deb, in the way you're raising your kids.