Saturday, July 04, 2009

my garden helper

Mr. Attitude, in a gracious display of helpfulness, took over the hose today as I was watering the garden. Here he is, watering my still small but hopefully huge and fruitful by the end of the month tomato plants.

There has been a hoofed visitor to the garden lately, and I think we will need to take action. She has been nibbling on beans, potatoes, peas, and tomatoes (surprisingly!) As our first action, Mr. Attitude and I were yelling "WE LIKE VENISON!" :) I don't think it will help tho.

And I could not leave without posting about Mr. Attitude's post-gardening outfit. Very Miami Vice, and definitely cool!

Notice however, the bare studs and undone appearance of the house interior. It will get done someday.


Madcap said...

When I saw your post title in my sidebar, I thought I was going to see a picture of the Mantis!

But Mr. Attitude is cuter.

Good luck with the four-leggers. I'm kind of wondering what to do myself!

barefoot gardener said...

What a cutie! When Big Sprout offers to water the garden, it usually involves her getting into her swimsuit and spraying HERSELF. Whatever water drips off of her and onto the plants is what they get.

I think you got the better deal ;D

edifice rex said...

It is so nice to see someone else's house with bare plywood floors and exposed studs! lol! I feel soooo much better. But yes, it will get done someday.

Jayne said...

LOL... so cute!

Floridacracker said...

He's going to need a 3 day stubble of beard if he's going to outvice Crockett!

Too cute!
At least you know where the studs are if you want to hang a picture.

Deb said...

Madcap- I threw a few pieces of row cover over some beds tonight. Hope it helps.

Barefoot- He actually did a pretty good job of getting the water onto the plants.

Edifice Rex- I feel your pain! Just waiting for finances to kick in...someday...

Jayne- He is one of a kind. :)

FC- Thanks for the glass half full view! Yeah, cute character I have there...definitely does not have my quiet personality!

RuthieJ said...

You'll have all winter to work inside the house--now's the time to enjoy the great weather outside!
Good luck with keeping the deer out of your garden--all those nice raised beds must be a pretty tempting!

MojoMan said...

You could title a post "Praying for Sheetrock," but that title is already taken.

This situation seems universal among those who do things for themselves. Ask my wife, we have a 99%-remodeled bathroom that's been waiting for that final finishing touch for about five years.