Wednesday, July 15, 2009

just add water

Last evening we had a total of around 1.8 inches of rain. It was raining so heavy at times I thought we would not be able to watch the All Star Game; our satellite TV was knocked out for a few minutes during the pregame. But all worked out well.

Tonight the frogs are back at it. They had been silent for a few nights, but I guess they were just waiting for a little more moisture. Tree frogs are chirping, and it even sounds like Western chorus frogs, usually an early spring species, are going for a second round.

Today while I was driving somewhere for work I saw a pair of sandhill cranes, and their half grown chick, crossing the road. I so rarely get to see a young sandhill! Cute!


Northwoods Baby said...

If we go by the water in the tub I left out, we got about 3", and none of it seems to be overflowing from the creek. I know our soil was dry, but holy cow.

I haven't seen any interesting birds, but I did find the most amazing frog near the poults' tractor. Then it hopped out of the bucket I put it in and seems to have gone out the dog door. I hope.

Ah, country life.

Floridacracker said...

Samething here. The day after a good rain has everything moving.

Deb said...

Northwoods Baby- Ah, country life indeed. Just recently we had a garter snake get loose from the kids' aqauarium. I think it traumatized one of the cats.

FC- Nothing so refreshing as rain.