Friday, May 29, 2009

Won't you be my neighbor?

Today as I was taking the kids to school (actually 2 out of 3; Starflower has been waking up early and taking the bus) I saw something that made my heart sink: a "for sale" sign at the property just to the south of us. A family from a suburb of St. Paul owns the land, but we had not seen them around for a while. They were pretty good neighbors, up for an occasional weekend, some deer hunting, all in all pretty quiet.

Of course I am a bit curious as to the circumstances, but also worried about who might eventually buy the land. We have been blessed with good neighbors here, although the ones across the road are quirky but in a benign way. I would hate to see a weekend warrior come in, equipped with a bunch of ATV's intent on "mud bogging" the substantial wetland on the property. Or some careless deer hunters who just might be careless enough to put my family in danger. I'm not incriminating all deer hunters here; I'm just saying that is a possibility.

So I'm reaching out to anyone who reads this blog: Do you want 40 acres of peace and quiet, with magnificent white pines, just a short drive up I-35 from the Cities? Birding is great with the mix of white pines, aspens and shrub swamp. There is a trailer with electricity already on the place, and driveway with gate, so it's ready for you to come up and stay a weekend. If you look at the header photo, it is the land to the left. And the best part is, you would have great neighbors!!! :)

Seriously, I would like to see this property fall into the right hands. So if you're interested, my e-mail is on the sidebar.


RuthieJ said...

oh gosh Deb, I wish we could take advantage of this. I love your location up there. It's so beautiful and best of all--quiet!

Pablo said...

Yep, it's an iffy thing when adjoining land goes up for sale. I didn't even know that my neighbor's property was up for sale until the day Good Neighbor Brian introduced himself as the new owner. He turned out to be the best thing that happened to the "neighborhood" in a long time, but now he's put his land up for sale. Who knows what will come next.

(Also, I still have 20 acres of prime Ozark forest for sale, so if you need to steer any potential buyers my way, feel free.)

Deanna said...

It sounds lovely, I LOVE white pines. However, I live just a bit north of you, up 23, so chances of moving are slim, we have about 79 acres here. Good luck with whoever may move in.

I, too, am not a fan of ATVs, we are more for the quiet outdoor sports, snowshoeing, hiking, etc. My husband is a hunter, a very concientious one, but I worry about whoever else might be out there at the same time.

Enjoy this lovely weather!

Deb said...

RuthieJ- You would love it here! Got that Powerball ticket? :)

Pablo- Yeah, it's always an uncertain thing. You can't quite tell from the header photo, but the land for sale is on kind of an "island" with ours, bordered by wetland on two sides and the road.

Deanna- Nice to meet you! How far up 23?

Stay warm tonight, it may freeze!