Saturday, May 02, 2009

another osprey nest

A long time ago, in that dark season we call winter, which I don't want to think about now, while doing the Christmas Bird Count, I noticed a large nest atop a power line pole. I figured it was either an eagle or an osprey nest, and made a mental note to check it in the spring.

Today I was in the area, driving home from a short day's work pulling nets. I can hardly call it work when I'm getting paid to ride around in a boat on a nice day like today. Oh yeah, I had to help wrestle a muskie or two, but I saw lots of ducks, and some loons.

I decided to drive by the nest, if I could remember which road it was on. I happened to find the right road, and lo and behold Mrs. Osprey was peeking over the top at me!

This nest is a few miles from the Web cam nest, and probably a mile or more from the nearest big body of water. Apparently the osprey pair thought it was a good spot though. It's nice they picked the power pole closest to the road!


Jayne said...

How cool that you remembered to go check (your brain is to be commended for that) and that an osprey was up there nesting!

Leslie said...

Great shot. The electrical pole is that osprey's dead snag!

John T. said...

I've been visiting your blog on occassion and enjoy it. I saw an osprey just the other day but don't know the location of any nests.
I'm in Red Wing. Eaglets have just recently hatched here.