Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You're up one day, the next you're down

That's the way that the world goes round
You're up one day, the next you're down
It's a half an inch of water and you think you're gonna drown
But that's the way that the world goes round

-John Prine

I was going to write last weekend about how amazingly good I felt physically. I went out running both Saturday and Sunday right after sunset, which I have decided is my favorite time to run, at least this time of year. I spent some time outdoors Sunday afternoon catching pitches for Calvin. I sat cross legged on my yoga mat, playing Irish tunes on flute. I felt positively giddy.

Then on Monday I started coughing and could not stop. Today, Wednesday, I still feel pretty miserable; in fact I should be in bed right now. Oh well, maybe something's trying to tell me I need some down time. I spent yesterday sleeping and watching Cheers and Northern Exposure DVD's on the laptop computer. I also watched the huge flock of redpolls at the feeder, and I think maybe, just maybe, I saw one hoary redpoll mixed in with the common ones. But how do you know when redpolls are constantly in motion, flying off into the trees at the least little cue?

I listened to most of Obama's press conference the other night. All I can say is, I have a lot of respect for the man for taking on this enormous mess we're in. I just wish Congress would heed his pleas to end the bipartisan bickering! I heard one Republican congressman use the term "our side" to describe voting on the economic stimulus package. We're all in this together folks. There is no "us" and "them". We're not still in high school throwing a pep rally for the big game against "them". It's our country's future at stake, not the future of the Democratic or Republican or Green or Pink or Purple Party. Not that I agree with everything about the stimulus package, and I don't know enough about economics to know if it will work or not, but then again, does anyone?

I do like some of the things Obama is talking about, like making our buildings more energy efficient. I think it is insane to build any structure that is going to waste energy in its everyday functioning. But I felt it was ironic he was speaking in Elkhart, Indiana, the RV capitol of the USA. Is it really about getting back on track and fixing credit so Americans can start buying gas guzzling behemoths again? Where does the question "how much is enough?" enter the picture? Can we expect the economy to grow indefinitely, without eventually killing its host?

We need a paradigm shift here. And I don't think Obama, or any mere mortal, can single handedly accomplish that.

Just the ramblings of a sick woman here. Time for some more Northern Exposure.


The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

Yup, you definitely need some down time.

You're right in thinking our country's in mess. Also that we a need a paradigm shift. And probably that no mere mortal can single-handedly fix it.

Does that mean life is hopeless? Nope. Not when you can play your flute and watch redpolls. So go to bed. Listen to your body. Time in this world as we know it may be shorter than any of us think…or not; but you certainly want to enjoy each and ever moment. Spring is coming.

Get well!

Madcap said...

If you run out of Northern Exposure, try some Corner Gas episodes on You-Tube.

Taking on the leadership of almost any country right now would be an especially huge task with all the economic upheaval, but that with the war is particularly daunting. I sure hope Obama is able to pull that off. Our Canadian government seems to be trying to come apart at the seams.

MojoMan said...

I hope you're feeling better soon and can get back to your exercise routine. Keep it up!

I'm sad, but not surprised, to see to see Obama going to places like Elkhart with their RV's and South Florida with their foreclosed real estate. Even he does not have the courage to tell people that their former way of life and pipe dreams were built on a foundation of clay and have no future. We need to invest in what's coming, not what's passed.

DennisP said...

Well, you are right about having to change the paradigm for the way we live. But nobody has really figured that one out yet, despite a lot of braying that goes on.

But for Elkhart, they've got 15% unemployment. That's one out of every 7 households who are wondering how they are going to pay their mortgage or rent, how they are going to buy food, etc. People in that situation are not going to worry about the long-run; they are just plain and desperate right now. That's why Obama went to Elkhart, not for the RVs.

You know, a President doesn't really have that much power. If the public won't go along, if Congress says "No way, Jose!", then the Pres. can't really do much. I think Obama is aware of these issues, and will eventually try to effect some changes in the country's policies, but political realities will constantly hamstring his efforts.

It's a simple fact of life in our democracy.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I like John Prine, and that's a good quote. I heard a similar one today by Winston Churchill. Something along the lines of "(We) occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened." It made me laugh, and think.

Deb said...

Grizzled- You always have such words of wisdom. I do believe that while our current situation is a mess, nothing is hopeless.

Madcap- Thanks for the suggestion. I need to set up the wireless network on the laptop so I don't have to go out to the cabin to blog or watch videos!

MojoMan- We have enough daylight now when I get home from work that I really have no excuse not to run. When I feel well enough. I'm not there yet.

DennisP- My husband and I were just discussing what can be done about cities like Elkhart, that rely on one or two industries for the bulk of their jobs. What happens if the industry does not recover? I think Obama did choose a good example of a city where reinvestment would have the most positive effect.

Robert- That one made me laugh too. Thanks!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Deb,
I hope you're feeling better every day. So far I've managed to avoid getting a cold in spite of my office mate and a woman across the hall from our office (keeping fingers crossed!)

I agree with your thoughts on our Congress and the "us vs them" mentality--what happened to all those great campaign promises about "working across the aisle?" I'm disappointed every time I watch the news from Washington and truly think some folks have lost sight of the philosophy of working together to the greater good for America and its citizens (especially the working class)