Monday, February 16, 2009

test nuthatch

I'm just testing Picasa Web Albums here. I was frustrated to the point of shouting obscenities with the photo editing and sharing software provided by the makers of the two digital cameras we have, so I downloaded Picasa 3. So far, so good. Now maybe editing my Sax Zim photos will go more smoothly.

This picture was also taken to test my skills with the Kodak EasyShare Z760 before I took it to Sax Zim. I have mostly been using a Canon PowerShot A540 for the photos on this blog, but the zoom capabilities are limited. I don't know why I haven't used the Kodak more often. Oh yeah, the EasyShare software is a pain. I like the results I get with the camera though, so I think from now on it will be my default camera.


RuthieJ said...

Nice picture Deb. Is that a red-breasted nuthatch?

Jayne said...

I really like this photo Deb, and I've grown to really love Picasa's photo editing program.

Deb said...

RuthieJ- Yes, it is a red breasted, although the breast is pretty pale. I love those little birds!

Jayne- Cropping and uploading was a snap.

forest wisdom said...

Love those cute little nuthatches! :)

Floridacracker said...

Very nice shot!
I love Picasa, it's all I've used for years.
Love the price too!

Rurality said...

The picture didn't come through on Bloglines... not sure why!

Love those little nuthatches... haven't seen one here in a while. They are just here occasionally.

Deb said...

Forest Wisdom- They are one of my favorite birds.

FC- Thanks. Picasa, for ease of use, certainly outshines Canon and Kodak software.

Rurality- Hmmm. Hope that won't be a recurring problem!

Red breasted nuthatches, even more so than white breasted, are the cutest little sassy birds.