Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday miscellany

I was going to post a really weird, funny picture of something that happened overnight, but my camera is not communicating well with the computer. So I'll leave you in suspense.

Some time today, 11:47 AM to be exact, Sand Creek Almanac had its 100,000th visitor. Hooray!

I am not a good outdoor Minnesotan. I spent the majority of the weekend indoors. I was going to go for a walk on the nicely crusted-over snow in our woods, but it was a bit windy and chilly and the walk just never materialized. I'm waiting for a sunny, calm 30 degree day for my outdoor fun.

Instead, I played banjo. I realized I was hitting a rut with that instrument, thinking I would maybe have to drive to the cities for a lesson, but today I went through my books and found a few songs I could maybe learn. I tried a few, and assigned myself two of them to learn within a week. I need to get back into the groove of practicing.

My bird feeders are being visited by about a hundred common redpolls, and I am going through an incredible amount of Nyjer seed every day. I had pictures of that too, but...oh well.

I'll try to get this camera thing resolved soon!


Lynne said...

You've left us hanging!

Jayne said...

Your Redpolls sound like my Pine Siskin. I've started affectionately referring to them as "the cannibals." :c)

linda said...

I'm curious about your camera to computer communication. I lost the ability to download photos from my camera after updating a security system. Will wait for my tax refund to pay someone to figure it out. It has me stumped~

RuthieJ said...

I stayed inside most of the day too--I couldn't believe it was below zero again on Sunday morning. No banjo for me, but I did enjoy watching the birds outside and knitting a few rows on an older project that need to be finished up soon.

Deb said...

Lynne- I had to wait to get to work and use a memory card reader to upload the pictures. I don't know what's up with the camera.

Jayne- Are you spending more than normal on bird seed too? :)

Linda- It's still a mystery, and I don't have time to figure it out tonight. Will let you know if I find something out.

RuthieJ- I have banjo and birds, you have knitting and birds. Good combinations on a cold winter's day while we wait for spring!