Friday, January 16, 2009

emerging from the deep freeze

Today's official low temperature from the New House thermometer: -32 F

The temperature on the Subarumometer: -22 F. I'm beginning to think it won't read any lower than that.

I didn't read the cabin thermometer this morning, but applying the formula from yesterday it may have read -40 F.

I have added the Weather Underground sticker so you can keep track of the latest temperatures here. If you care. But at noon it said 16 degrees ABOVE zero. Here at work it is still ten below. I don't believe Weather Underground.

It's not supposed to get too far below zero tonight; it may even stay above. Zero seems to be the big turning point, where we are able to keep the house warm with the wood stove at night. We just got another load of oak yesterday, delivered this time, and it seems to be drier and easier to burn than the load we picked up on New Year's Day.

UPDATE: It turns out the Subarumometer was stuck at -22. I found this out when I left work at 4:30, and it read -22 at that time, when I knew it was maybe a few degrees above zero. As I made my way home, the temperature reading gradually increased, until it read +7 when I arrived at home. Now there's a temperature I can live with!


Lynne said...

I was out and about early (0630!) this morning and it was minus 22 here. The black ice on the city streets was WICKED! Every intersection was slick yet the roads looked dry. I'm ready for above zero!!!

Deb said...

Lynne- Around here we don't have enough traffic to make black ice. :)

I finally signed up for the Sax Zim festival today, and Mike e-mailed me and said he would make sure we were on the same buses. I am determined to see a boreal chickadee!

jozien said...

hi, i just came upon your blog. I laugh about your troubles reading the thermometers, I've tried all sorts of things to figure it out. And then there's my husband, who will say it's actually 5 degrees lower,and believe it, or people who will always claim it's much warmer at their place, funny thing they're often the ones that hardly come outside.
See you again sometime! Outside preferably.

Jayne said...

It was 9 degrees here yesterday morning, with wind, and I can't even fathom it being -32. How does one breathe in that sort of cold???? :c) Stay bundled up Deb!!

Pablo said...

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